Thursday, October 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend- Cascade Springs

My parents wanted to come over for Labor Day weekend. Great! I knew just what I wanted to do! They spent the night on Sunday so we had the whole day on Monday to play. I had been wanting to "hike" Cascade Springs during the summer but never got around to it. My parents love the outdoors and were definitely up for it.
We drove quite a while up American Fork Canyon to get there. It was a pretty drive. The "hike" was pretty much a nice nature walk. We were able to take Easton everywhere just in his stroller. There were board walks along the marshy paths and paved paths everywhere else. It was beautiful! I had no idea that is pretty much in our backyard!
Cute boy stayed in his stroller almost the whole time.

Some fish were down there.
Such a manly man to push the stroller around the whole time. :)
Afterwards, we had lunch in the car (there wasn't any picnic areas at Cascade Springs or anywhere nearby) and came home for a little R&R. Shawn and my dad attacked the closet in the laundry room. We are turning our coat closet (we already have another one) into shelves in the laundry room. It was nice to have my dad help Shawn since he hardly knows anything about that stuff.
After a little rest, us girls went to Trafalga...another thing on the Summer To Do list that we never did. It was SUPER crowded and Laser Tag was all reserved out until later that evening. I figured. So we did mini golf instead, on the outdoor course and on the indoor one.
I don't know what Cambree's deal is lately, but she's been sucking on all her clothes! Drives me crazy! Could she be teething? ;)

It was MUCH hotter in the valley but we still had some fun!
Later that night after my parents left, we had a neighborhood BBQ. It's always fun getting together with neighbors!

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