Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Girls Weekend at the Cabin!!

Every year my aunt invites us (meaning her sisters, nieces, daughters-in-law, etc) up to her cabin in Big Cottonwood Canyon for a weekend of crafting. I look forward to it every year! This year, I thought I'd be able to go up the whole time or most of it (Thurs-Sat), but Shawn told me that a girl at work who he is directly over, would be most likely out on maternity leave. AND he had a meeting on Friday. What? I was really bummed. So I made my regular everyday plans for Friday and decided to just have another short stay at the cabin and go up Friday evening. Lame. It's always a short stay. Well, Shawn found out on Thursday that his meeting was canceled and that he would take Friday off and I could go on Thursday evening. Wait, what? I thought he was joking cuz the girl had her baby and I thought he couldn't take work off. Well, he is the sweetest and said it would probably be fine at work and he would just check his email a lot. Sweet! So I had to call and cancel a few things that I had planned but packed up and took off when Shawn came home from work! I was SO excited to go up and get things done (yeah, I caught up on LOTS of blogging!).
Friday morning we went on a walk. It's always so beautiful and refreshing to take a walk in the mountains.
Here are all my fun aunts. They are all my mom's sisters. (oh, and my cousin Shauna is back there hiding in every picture.)
Drumroll.....I finished Easton's cross-stitch!! I've been working on it since before he was born!! Probably 2 1/2 years!! Whew! This was the biggest one I've done and I don't think I'll do one like this again.
I got gel toes! My cousin-in-law brought up all her stuff and we all got our toes beautified.
We had to get the foot circle picture. :)
Another thing I love about these weekends, is I get to see old photos. This is my grandmother who I never met. I LOVE this picture! You can almost hear her laughing. It's so cute and now I know where my mom gets her laugh from.
Ok, so this cat came up on the last day (thank goodness it didn't spend the night!). He was creepy. I've never seen a hairless cat. And he's friendly too. I touched him. It was kinda gross. I still get shivers looking at this picture!
A selfie on my way home. So nice to get away and have some girl time. I headed back a little earlier because I got done with all I brought (scapping, cross-stitch, and blogging) and missed my family, of course! I also missed my sisters and sister-in-law who usually come! It was weird not having any of them able to come. Hopefully next year!


Tiffany said...

Who's cat wat that?? It did look really creepy. Glad you got lots done!

Krystal Baker said...

How fun! I wish my family was all close enough to do something like this.