Sunday, October 20, 2013

Easton is 2!!!

My boy turned 2! I can't believe how fast the time goes sometimes. He is getting to that fun age for me. I'm not such a baby person but I love it when they start talking and understanding things. He has lots of personality like my other kids at this age!
I took him to his well-check appointment and they forgot to give me his percentiles. But I'm sure he's still in the 80's and 90's.
Here is what he's been up to lately:
-I think I've mentioned MANY times how much he LOVES cars. Especially Disney Pixar Cars. I love it so much that his cars will keep him entertained for so long.
-He also loves Thomas the Train. I showed him a show of Thomas on You Tube and he's hooked! He often asks me to play it for him. He just might be addicted. :/
-He has a pretty big vocabulary all of the sudden. I love it especially since Sadie was such a late talker.
-He doesn't scream as much!! Yea! It must be because he can talk so much better and he tells me things rather than screams them. So nice!
-He runs everywhere! And at full speed. He has knocked down Sadie many times and knocked me off-balance...and run into walls and couches. He is crazy.
-He likes animals and isn't afraid to pet any dog that comes along.
-His favorite songs are "Wheels on the Bus" (when he asks for it he rolls his arms and says "rou and rou), "Itsty Bitsy Spider", and "Old McDonald had a Farm".
-He likes to count and can count to 3.
-He points out letters and says A and O for many letters. I think he does know what O is because he always gets that one right.

So this is his photo shoot. I really wanted to go to Lindon Harbor to get the boats and water in the background. I LOVE how they turned out! I was also REALLY glad Shawn was there helping me, otherwise he would've ended up in the water. Have I mentioned how he likes to run?! He was so excited to be there and just ran around and was so happy. Love this kid.
It would be awesome to have a picture of him like this when he is older.
And we've got ourselves some bloopers. Like I said, he is an expressive kid!

In the pictures on the right, he saw a train going by so it kept his attention so I could take some pics and then he was mad that it didn't stop and went on by! He was obsessed!

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Kris said...

He's such a handsome little fellow!