Sunday, October 6, 2013

Diabetes Walk for a Cure

The first Saturday in September, we signed up to do the diabetes walk. A little 3 year old in our neighborhood has diabetes and we wanted to walk in support of him. He is the sweetest kid and Sadie just LOVES Ty-ty. I thought it would be a fun thing to do as a family. Shawn had other plans...he really wanted to work on the closet in the laundry room again and his friend was able to only come help him in the morning. I just want the thing done so I said go for it! I will take the kids by myself.
 So, yeah, I wore Shawn's shirt that he was supposed to wear (& it seemed like they ran a little big too) and Brinley wore my shirt. So big on both of us!
After the walk, they had bounce houses and games for the kids. We also got a yummy free lunch! I think we will do this again next year! It was great fun!
 I think this is Easton's first experience on a bounce house slide. Cute kid.
 Free hot dogs, chips, drink, fruit, string cheese, and a cookie. Happy kids. :)
 Oh and a yummy slushee from Rita's!

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Krystal Baker said...

Childhood diabetes is so hard for those little ones. I know a few kids with it. Cutest picture of you with the kids in your blue w/ bandanna! :)