Saturday, October 5, 2013

Classic Skating

Preschool was supposed to start right after Labor Day but one of the preschool teacher's kids came down with hand-foot-mouth disease. So they canceled the first week of school. Dang. At least Sadie didn't know any better. But it would've been nice to have her start. Oh well. Instead, we got invited to go to Classic Skating with some of her friends that would be going to preschool with her. My friend's family owns it so we got in free. I had no idea how much there was to do there. She got pizza, ice cream, and tokens for the kids too. Crazy nice! My kids had SO MUCH FUN!! They played on the bounce houses and the rides and games. I thought Sadie would want to go to the skating rink and at least ride a scooter around but she didn't. Everything else was just so fun!
Easton and Trayden would look at each other and scream and laugh when the ride would start. They loved this thing! I think Easton thought it was his and wouldn't get off. He would get mad when other kids wanted a ride.
This climbing thing was huge! I thought he would get stuck and I would have to come rescue him, but he didn't. He's a climber!
All the kids were sweaty and hot from playing. He took a good nap when we got home. What a fun afternoon!

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