Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cambree's Farm Field Trip

I volunteered to go on Cambree's 2nd Grade Field Trip. I didn't sign up to help in her classroom this year so I want to help whenever else I can.
Of course, it was going to be cold and it had even snowed in the mountains that morning. Her teacher told me that for years all their field trips have had bad weather. Luckily, we were going to a Utah State Extension farm demonstration and it would be indoors...with little heating. So, we all dressed warm!
The kids were heading out to get on the buses. Us moms were happy to follow in the car. (See Cambree, that tall one? So easy to pick her out!)
The day started off with a dog herding ducks. It was amazing how that dog could do that!
Then, they split up the kids into their classes and they rotated between probably 20 different stations! It was amazing! Some kept their attention better than others but overall it was a really great field trip for the kids.
Cambree got to make a necklace with a seed in it. We will watch it grow!
They even took a big group picture.
Cambree got to volunteer at the wheat station where they showed them how they turned wheat into flour.
Of course they had animals there!
Mr. Tomato was pretty cool. He was robotic and would talk to the kids and answer their questions. It was amazing how it worked! (There was a guy in a truck talking through a headset and moving the eyes and head robotically. Pretty cool!)
After the stations, it was lunch time. The plan was to eat at the park walking distance away. It was REALLY cold but our class headed down there anyway since the buses were gone on their Kindergarten route. Well, while we were eating our buses were driving down and they would've left us if it wasn't for a mom that stopped the bus! The rest of the 2nd grade was going back to the school to eat lunch they just didn't communicate that to us very well. Whew!
So we went back to their classrooms and finished lunch. Cambree wanted to me stay and finish my lunch with her. Sounds good! It turned out to be a great day!

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