Wednesday, October 2, 2013

August Mishmash

It's that time again...a day in the life in the Hancock House.
Another thing on the Summer To Do list that we didn't get to was go to Discovery Park. So we went there one Friday night with the family. Some of their cousins joined us too.

Easton was LOVING this slide. He kept going down it. It was pretty fast so Shawn was at the bottom and I was at the top.

Cambree felt bad she missed our anniversary so she and Sadie made us a card. I love reading the cute things they say.
While I was at girls camp, Shawn and the kids stayed in Tooele at my parent's house. One of the things they did was go up to the canyon and roasted hot dogs. I guess the bees were so bad they packed up and left after 20 minutes. Bummer.
 They also saw this crazy bug up there!

Poor kid always gets girly things put on his head.
We all (except Easton) went to the BYU scrimmage game. Getting ready for fall football!

Headed to the bi-annual Girls Legacy Study. They are holding their pee bags. We love going though and they each get a $15 Target Gift Card (me too).
This was the cutest thing! He just sat down with that big book. I love big books and little kids.
We also went to 7 Peaks during the last week of summer. We went with friends! It was really fun to for the girls to go down slides and hang out with their friends. We both left our babies with babysitters so we didn't have to worry about them.
An awful before picture of Easton getting a haircut. These pictures are probably getting old but he always looks so different and we have so much fun with him!
Handsome boy!
Brinley bought owl best friend necklaces. She gave one to Brooklyn. They are cute!
We had a windstorm so bad that it blew out some slats AND our trampoline over our fence LANDING right side up in the road! A neighbor boy came over and told me about it. Shawn wasn't home but our neighbors moved it into the front yard. When Shawn came home, he tied it to the tree. On Sunday after church, he got some guys to come lift it back into our backyard. It was crazy! Some neighbor's tree's were knocked down.

So these are my shoes that my sister brought back from Jerusalem when she went in college. Yeah, I've had them for a LONG time. I decided to wear them to church and the bottoms started falling off! I didn't notice until I was sitting for a while and when Easton got too bad I took him out and went home to change leaving a black, flakey mess. How embarrassing!
Easton's been playing with the dishwasher. He likes the wheels. He says, "Choo-choo". I guess he thinks it's a train.
We went to Sadie's preschool Open House. It's going to be great! They gave her playdoh that changed colors.
Sarah, a neighbor, was a good sport entertaining Sadie (with my phone) at a softball game. Sadie now keeps asking to have Sarah babysit her.

Sadie put lots of barrettes in her hair and asked me to take a picture of her.
I found Sadie sleeping like this on the couch one afternoon. She must've been exhausted! She hardly ever falls asleep on the couch.
This picture of Brinley was hanging in the school outside of her classroom. They are having fun at school!
We pulled out this race car track we bought when Brinley was little. She liked cars too. He was loving it, of course!
I found these pictures on the camera. Brinley must've taken them. They are just too cute not to post of my cute boy!

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