Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cambree's Farm Field Trip

I volunteered to go on Cambree's 2nd Grade Field Trip. I didn't sign up to help in her classroom this year so I want to help whenever else I can.
Of course, it was going to be cold and it had even snowed in the mountains that morning. Her teacher told me that for years all their field trips have had bad weather. Luckily, we were going to a Utah State Extension farm demonstration and it would be indoors...with little heating. So, we all dressed warm!
The kids were heading out to get on the buses. Us moms were happy to follow in the car. (See Cambree, that tall one? So easy to pick her out!)
The day started off with a dog herding ducks. It was amazing how that dog could do that!
Then, they split up the kids into their classes and they rotated between probably 20 different stations! It was amazing! Some kept their attention better than others but overall it was a really great field trip for the kids.
Cambree got to make a necklace with a seed in it. We will watch it grow!
They even took a big group picture.
Cambree got to volunteer at the wheat station where they showed them how they turned wheat into flour.
Of course they had animals there!
Mr. Tomato was pretty cool. He was robotic and would talk to the kids and answer their questions. It was amazing how it worked! (There was a guy in a truck talking through a headset and moving the eyes and head robotically. Pretty cool!)
After the stations, it was lunch time. The plan was to eat at the park walking distance away. It was REALLY cold but our class headed down there anyway since the buses were gone on their Kindergarten route. Well, while we were eating our buses were driving down and they would've left us if it wasn't for a mom that stopped the bus! The rest of the 2nd grade was going back to the school to eat lunch they just didn't communicate that to us very well. Whew!
So we went back to their classrooms and finished lunch. Cambree wanted to me stay and finish my lunch with her. Sounds good! It turned out to be a great day!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

September Mish-Mash

It's that time again! Mish-mash time for September!! Here we go!
For the Fall Relief Society Social, my girls got to join a children's choir and sang "I'll Walk with You". They did great! It was fun to see them at an adult activity.
 They stayed for the fashion show. It was pretty enjoyable to watch the YW model dresses from back in the day! Oh how the styles have changed!
I needed to check out a park for a photo shoot the next day (I got to take Company Dance pictures for my friend's studio) so the kids came along just for the playground fun.
 Whenever Sadie does something silly she always asks me to take a picture.
Ahh...what a fun day this was! I stuck my kids in co-op and went a Austenland with my friends! I read the book a long time ago but really wanted to see the movie. It was WAY funnier than I thought it would be! It was a GREAT movie! I want to see it again.
 I didn't even know the girls took pictures of this...I don't think any children were harmed...
Sadie went to a Doc McStuffins birthday party. It was so cute! They had check-ups with their stuffed animals and for themselves. It was darling! (She also went to another birthday party when I was at my girls weekend. Lucky girl!)
 The kids were driving me crazy! So we had to get out and go for a walk. They wanted to go to the horses. So nice we live so close to them!
Cute Brinley doing homework (photo by Sadie). She is doing this A LOT now that she's in 5th Grade. It's really becoming an issue to get it done and turned in on-time. I hope she learns before it really matters!
 Yummy toes!
Bad pic. But at least it helps me remember that Shawn was asked to play one night on a softball team in Holladay. The kids ran non-stop around that place! We just had to keep Easton out of the field! Shawn played well and hit a home-run (maybe 2...I don't remember).
Easton put these high-heels on himself. He could barely walk. It was funny! (and yes we need new floors BAD!!! Someday.)
These 2 sometimes play cute together. Easton pushed Trayden on the swing for quite a while! It was so cute!
 I (and I enlisted the help of a few others, thank goodness!) threw a baby shower for my friend, Heather. After 3 boys she was having a girl!!! I made these tags to put on some chocolate covered popcorn my friend made. I thought it turned out pretty cute.
 And this is what happens when plenty others help!! It was SO nice not having to worry about it too much! I was feeling overwhelmed with new school schedules and photography work so it was nice to have help! I made the poof balls and invites but that's pretty much it! I didn't even have it at my house!
 Darling cupcakes! I was going to make some but my neighbor (who used to make cakes professionally) offered to make something so she made these! They were yummy too!
 Heather made these cute wall hangings. I thought they would make cute decorations.
Soccer took up many of our Saturday mornings (such a gorgeous field to play on!). This was Cambree's game. They played well! And won many games! Cambree even scored 2 goals!!

 It's funny how she would call her coach Jeff. So grown up!
These 2 lucky ones don't know what's comin'! They both had their well check appointments and both had to get shots! I guess they are upping the age to get Kindergarten shots so Sadie had to get 4 shots. I was not expecting that and neither was she. She was crying and kicking! Her iron check was bad too. She did not like getting poked. (It was also low so we will be going back in a few months for a poke.)
So at co-op he was playing with their train set and didn't want to leave. Duh. We have a train set! So we got it out and he has been LOVING it!
My friend wanted me to go to the gym with her to show her my weight lifting routine. Dang. I was SORE that day! We were having fun in these pictures. I really wasted her. ;)
BTW, I don't think I've shared much about my weight loss. I've been doing this since January and have really been seeing results! I've lost 40 lbs and 25+ inches! It's great! I'm at the size I was before I had kids! (Not when I got married...for some reason I gained weight right after we got married. I blame it on Shawn.) I owe it all to my High School friend, Kelli. She's a nutritionist and so awesome. Here's her blog:
Brinley is in an advanced school class (hence all the homework!). Their theme is work hard, play hard. They have already been on 3 field trips. They hiked Timpanogas Caves, the State Courthouse (pictured above), and the Storytelling Festival.
Brinley wanted this picture of her friend Gabby in chains. I didn't go on this field trip but my friend did and sent it to me.
While I was at my aunt's cabin, Shawn set up the tent and let the girls sleep in the backyard. Good thing. That was probably the last weekend they could do that. It got cold after that!
It's also become tradition that Shawn makes Crab Casserole. The kids all love it but I can't stand it! So they make it when I'm gone.
 Still obsessed with the train tracks. Brinley did this one-complete with statues.
They also found a love for melty-beads! They've been sitting in the craft closet for a few months and they finally got them out to try (while I was at the cabin). Nice job for their first time!
 Sadie's cute self-portrait.
 I got this straw in YW's. Sadie thought it was pretty funny.
Oh yeah! I'm in Young Women's now! I got to go to girls camp and now I have my dream calling! Young Women's Secretary. I remember getting into YW's in Tooele and being the Beehive Advisor, so I got to teach a lot. I'm not a great teacher and it stresses me out. I remember thinking that the dream calling would be the secretary. I had no idea what I would have to do but I probably wouldn't have to teach much! Sweet! So I am SO excited to work with the youth still! And so many great women leaders are in there with me. I love it so far!
This was a note Sadie told me to write to Cambree. But what I really love is her name! She did it all herself! I didn't even know she could do it that well! Progress for sure!
 I get to go to the Laurel activities. This particular activity was a Priest/Laurel combined activity. The priests were in charge and we did an egg drop. Us leaders did one together and ours was the worst one!
Brinley is such a great big sister. Easton wanted some attention and she held him while she was taking a break from the game.
 My niece had her farewell. I was bummed that it was the very same Sunday and the exact same time as our Primary Program! The girls all had parts and I didn't feel like we should miss it (nor did I want to). So we went to their house afterward. It was a bummer. But the food was good and Easton loved playing with Sophie. She is getting really old but is so patient with him. He was under the table with him for probably 5 minutes just talking and playing with him. So cute.