Friday, September 27, 2013

Sadie's Fairy Photo Session

My beautiful girl is 4 years old now! Let's see...what are the things she's doing and her likes...
-She has always been super happy and cheerful. She puts a smile on anyone's face! Just recently, she has been answering the phone (I really need to teach her phone etiquette). Well, this particular time I was in the shower when she answered it. She was giving it to me and I just hung it up cuz I was still showering. After I got out, the phone rang again and I answered it. The lady on the other end was laughing. She asked how old my daughter was and that she had such a fun conversation with her that it made her day. She would say, "Actually, my mom is here. Actually, she's in the shower." The lady just thought it was so cute that she was saying actually so much. We must say that a lot.
-She LOVES dance! And I must say, she is VERY cute when she dances.
-She has been speaking much better lately. I think she is getting caught up to the other kids in her speech.
-She loves to play with Cambree and her friends. Usually Cambree is so nice and lets her play...sometimes she goes to Cambree's friend's houses too.
-Her favorite movies are the Barbie movies. That's about all she watches when she gets to watch a movie.
-She is very savvy with the computer and the iTouch/iPhone. What kid isn't these days? She likes to play preschool and princess games on it.
-She has many friends and always likes to play! It's nice to have a play date and they just play so well that I get lots of work done. Although, in Sunbeams she is one of my worst Sunbeams because she doesn't stop talking to whoever she sits by.
-Sadie is so independent. One of the phrases she says many times a day is, "I do it myself."
-She likes making us laugh by doing all sorts of funny faces (as shown in the bloopers below).
-She is a great big sister to Easton. They are getting to be good buds.

I was wondering what kind of photo shoot I would do for her and then we started planning her birthday party and it was going to be fairies. It still didn't come to me until about 2 weeks before her party. She could dress up as a fairy and I could Photoshop a fairy into some of the photos! Shawn also came and helped her smile and came up with good ideas of where to look at the pretend fairy. No way am I a professional, but it was fun to play! I guess I did a good job because when Sadie saw the pictures she said, "I don't remember her!" So cute.

 And a few fun bloopers. She really knows how to pull faces.

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Tiffany said...

Yeah, last time I was over I noticed how well she's talking now. And that's too cute about her little phone conversation!