Friday, September 13, 2013

Ohio Trip ~ Day 5 &6 - Kirtland

Sunday brought going to church (at 9 a.m.) It was nice going to Sunday School for a change (I've been in Primary for a while). But Nate had to teach Elder's Quorum and Mandy leads the music in Primary so they needed someone to watch Logan. Dang! I didn't get out of baby-duty! No. It was fine. Logan is easier than Easton. And I just went into Primary with him. I figured he would like the music and I wanted to see what it was like. That Primary is small! But I guess that's sometimes how it is outside of Utah. In our ward we have a huge Primary of about 150 kids. They had probably 30 kids total. Crazy small but it was still the same!
After church, we had a quick lunch and headed out to Kirtland. I was REALLY excited to go there. It's the last church history site that I haven't been to (besides Sharon, VT but I probably won't ever make it there). The Community of Christ owns the Kirtland Temple so we bought tickets (on a Sunday! Oops!) to go on the tour. I was really hoping to have a spiritual experience since Christ had been there before. I felt like I could make it happen even though the tour wasn't led by our church. But I didn't feel anything. I was a little disappointed. But the temple was pretty and reminded me of the sacrifices of the people...bummer I couldn't take pictures in there. Oh! One thing I loved was you watch a movie at first and when the movie is over, they part the curtains and you see the temple out the huge windows. It was a cool effect.
 This is one of the first editions of the Book of Mormon.

We looked around their little musem and then headed over to the old Kirtland district that the LDS church owns. We had a tour by an older missionary couple who were from Provo. He actually owned Jones Paint and Glass. Kinda fun. We saw the Whitney Store where The School of the Prophets was held. Just being in there and having the missionaries tell of all that happened there brought me to tears. I felt The Spirit more there than anywhere...even the Kirtland Temple. We also toured the Whitney House, the Tannery, and the Sawmill. It's amazing how industrious they were. They really knew how to do things and to make some money to get by. Definitely self-reliant.
There is also a visitors center that showed a wonderful movie about the Whitneys. One of the missionaries brought us up to the upper level of the visitors center to introduce us to the Sister Missionaries taking calls or talking online with people interested in The Church. I guess he liked us alot to take us on an exclusive tour up there. They were so fun.
 School of the Prophets room. It was tiny.
 Another room where Joseph received revelations.
The sawmill
The tannery
Everything was about to close when we left. What a good Sabbath day. I do wish my kids (well, more like Brinley and Cambree) could've been here for that. They would've enjoyed seeing where their heritage came from and what they did.
We headed back to Mandy's place and had a yummy crockpot dinner waiting for us. We were starving! We played a short game (maybe a few times) and went to bed.
The next morning, we packed up and Mandy took us back to Cleveland airport. What a fun trip we had! I'm so glad we got to go out and visit them and see where they live and what fun things they have in Ohio! Who knew? I should get paid for endorsing their state so much! ;)
The flight home was pretty uneventful...layover in Dallas again...although my mom did get pulled over for going to slow driving around the airport waiting for us. Lame. We were excited to see our kids and they were excited to see us. I sure missed them!
Shawn was tired of all my selfies. :/

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