Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ohio Trip~ Day 4-Amish Country

Yeah, for Saturday! Nate didn't have school or work and we could all hang out together in Amish Country! I'm so curious about different cultures and was excited to see how the Amish live. I thought they'd all be milling about and their houses would be old-fashioned. I actually couldn't tell which houses were Amish and which weren't. They all had garages and I figured cars would be in them but I guess they probably keep their carriages in garages. Once we got to the main hub, we did see more carriages and Amish...still not as many as I thought. It was a rainy day though.
First stop was a cute homemade boutique. I got a stuffed owl for Sadie. I REALLY wanted one of these amazing rugs but they didn't have the colors I wanted. We also went next door to the grocery store. There were lots of homemade food items and also stuff that they repackaged into their own packaging (or that's what it looked like). We bought some amazing dip seasoning (garlic & herb).
Logan was having fun trying out the wooden digger.
 I can't believe I got this picture from my moving car, no less!!
The next stop was the cheese factory!! We were so excited to sample fudge and different cheeses! Shawn was in heaven. Cheese is one of his favorite foods. Mandy and Nate have never been there on a Saturday and it was crowded! We waited in a long line to sample the cheese and make our purchases. But it wasn't too bad and tasting cheese along the way makes it better.
 Can't you tell he's so excited? ;)
Sorry Nate. I was getting a picture of the buggy, not you! ;)
We also stopped at an antiques store. Lots of fun treasures there! I wanted these suitcases!
 See? It looks pretty normal still. It was SO busy with cars everywhere.
I also stopped at a boutique to get Brinley and Cambree something. It was not Amish (kinda weird and full of fairy stuff) but I knew Brinley would want a necklace or something. I got her a ring and
necklace. I found Cambree a homemade swimming suit for her doll.
 After that, it was nice just going home and chillin'. Dinner and games that night. Perfect.

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