Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ohio Trip ~ Day 3-Cedar Point

So on day 3 we had planned to go to a cool national park...BUT...Mandy was telling us about this amusement park called Cedar Point. I had never heard of it. Mandy was saying it is FULL of roller coasters! Fast ones, biggest, longest, etc. I just knew we had to switch our plans and go! I LOVE roller coasters!! When I went to get tickets online, they were having a Christmas in July sale on that day only! I could buy tickets for only $30 (instead of $45, I think). We were SO excited!!!!! I did feel bad that we were ditching Mandy again and taking her car but she was so sweet about it. I'm so grateful to her. A day full of roller coasters, my hot husband, and no kids! So fun! We were like teenagers again! These rides were amazing!
 To get there, you drive on a causeway to get there. Cedar Point is right on Lake Erie. So pretty!
Our first ride was Millenium Force. Yeah, it was fast. When we were about to get on, the passengers before us had just gotten off and I heard a guy say he passed out for a second ON THE RIDE! Awesome. It was pretty amazingly high and fast!

 We took it easy on an old ride. Kinda like the white roller coaster at Lagoon.
 I wish I could've remembered which ride this was. Shawn looks like he's gonna cry!
 See? Lake Erie. Love this picture. And we did all those rides...except the little ones. No need to waste time on those.
 Shawn was actually barely too big to ride this ride. Weird. He's not that big. It was fun going forward and backward.
 Wow. I look windblown. Roller coasters will do that to ya.
See that tall thing back there? Yup. You corkscrew up and down REALLY fast. The whole ride is 17 seconds. I was seriously second guessing myself by going on it. It looked THAT scary. But I did it! It as so fast I hardly knew what happened. Cray-cray.
We relaxed for a bit and watched an extreme sports show. All sorts of bike, skating, scooter, jumping, par-cor, and acrobatics. It was fun to watch.
We rode every roller coaster and were finished by about 7:00. Oh my gosh! What a FUN day! We could've stayed longer and gone on more rides but we were pooped! I guess our age shows sometimes. :)
UPDATE: So Millennium Force was just voted the best roller coaster in the world! Sweet!


Krystal Baker said...

Looks super fun! I've never been to those places - although I've been to Ohio a lot because my grandma lives there. :)

Mandy Summers said...

So I recently heard that Millennium Force was voted the best roller coaster in the world! So its a good thing you did that one! I'm glad you guys were able to do it even if I did have to stay home all day:)