Thursday, September 26, 2013

Holla!! The Color Run!!!

So this was one of the funnest things I've ever done! The Color Run. The Happiest 5K on Earth. I was hoping to get a big group to go with me but it ended up just being my friend and my mom. But then my friend had something come up and couldn't go and asked if I knew of anyone that wanted to go. So I asked BFF Nicole and she could come! I've never run a 5K and was a little nervous not knowing what to expect. Shawn and the kids came up to Salt Lake to cheer us on. He dropped me off and I went to find my team. We met up and got in line to start the race. There was probably 5,000 people in the race so they broke it up in heats to start. They had music and were throwing out free items. It was already a party! We started the race and a guy came by already all purple and commented that we were too white and slapped a purple hand on Nicole's back. We all wanted a hand on our backs...he was nice to oblige.
Getting ready for the race. This is my game-face. ;)

Here are all the kids waiting for their moms! Mine and Nicole's families. That's 8 kids!

The first color station! Purple! There were 6 color stations that you would run through. That was actually the only part we really ran. Most people walk and we walked. I was hoping to run it but its ok that we walked. Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, and Blue. They just blow some color on you as you go by with the music blasting.
Pink station where all the kids waited for us.
Nicole and I laid down on the pink ground. We were too white still.

Done with the race! (I had to take these pictures with my phone through a plastic gave it a nice effect.) We partied with everyone throwing more color and dancing away! We got colorful!
I love that I got to do this with my mom! She's the coolest!
I thought our hands looked cool...L-R: Nicole, Me, mom
Our cute cheering squad!
Shawn did not find this attractive at all. He's not in to getting messy.
The partay! I guess we photo-bombed each other (meaning the purple shirt photographer).

After 2 weeks I still had purple color in my hair!! It was only really noticeable when I wore it down...but yep, there it is! I actually didn't mind too much. :) So. much. fun.

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Kris said...

Way to go! Races are so much fun!