Saturday, September 21, 2013

Girls Camp-Survivor Theme

Oh man. This was the best Girls Camp Ever!! And it might've helped that the theme was Survivor!! That is one of our favorite shows that we've watched since Season 2. We took the theme and ran with it! Our awesome camp director made backpacks (she pretty much made all of them) for all our girls (44 of them). She made the survivor logo with the YW torch. It looked so good! We got buffs for each of the 4 tribes we divided the girls up into. We got to have girls camp at Heber Valley. There is a wonderful spirit there and the missionaries that run the place are so awesome.
We had a challenge almost every day. When we did our certification, we would have a challenge to go with it. So we did knots and then we divided the girls up into teams and they tied up keys to the rope and knotted it all up. Then, they tried to untie each other's ropes and whoever got to the keys first and got the right key to unlock the locks won!
Another challenge we did was a compass challenge. They learned all about how to use a compass and then did a challenge collecting puzzle pieces using a compass. We also did knife certification and the girls did soap carving. The girls loved these challenges! We made buttons to pin onto their backpacks for each of the challenges they participated in. They loved collecting those. We also had other random challenges that they could do if they wanted - a scavenger hunt, a challenge where they answered questions using For the Strength of Youth, and Eating an Ant. Yup. You read that right. Leaders got to do it too. The girls really got into that one! Many of them did it and got the Bishop to do it when he came up. I ate one...kind of twice, mentally! I picked it up and threw it into my mouth, I thought. I wasn't tasting anything and looked at my hand and I had smashed it on my hand! So then I licked it off! Yuck!! I could feel it tickle in my throat. So great. :)

We had the best leaders. Here we are trying to set up camp. Yeah, trying. We couldn't figure out the simplest stuff without our fearless Camp Director. She was doing a service project with the girls the first day. They hauled logs!
We had Family Home Evening on Monday night. A few YCL's gave a devotional and then we played the candy ball game. If you rolled doubles with a dice, you got to try and unwrap the saran wrap ball with candy in the layers. It got pretty wild! It was such a fun game. Then, the YCL's lead everyone in some camp songs.
The leaders are always the last to bed just making sure everyone is safe and sound. While we were waiting, this big guy came out. Scared me to death!
The next day was the Ropes Course. Some of the leaders were in charge of a course. There were 7 courses. I got The Partner Walk. (The day before we went to a training on how to instruct the girls on what to do.) The girls would get up on a rope and it would get farther and farther apart. They had to lean on each other to get to the end. No one made it all the way to the end but it was a good experience on trusting each other.
The girls also got to do a zip line. You have to climb up a pole and then walk across a log to the ledge where you go down the zip line. They let the leaders go down after everyone was done with the challenge course. I knew I wanted to do it but it was nerve-racking climbing up and across the log. Then, she asked if I wanted to go backwards...I guess so since I've never done that before. It was scary leaning off the ledge backwards. What a rush!

This was the rope challenge. The girls are so competitive. It got a little crazy at the end. It was neck-and-neck!
After dinner, we did the Faith Walk. The YCL's were at different stations with a value they talked about for a short time. In between, we blindfolded them and walked them around to each place. They couldn't talk. At the end, there were lanterns all lit up and then the YW's president gave a talk. It was really neat.
On Wednesday was hike day. Some of us needed to hang back to prepare the snack when they got back so I stayed with another leader. While we worked we saw this deer family come right by our pavilion. Another day, there was a moose and her baby close by too. The animals aren't too scared of people there. It's so peaceful.

Here's the hike that I missed. Such a pretty view!
The rest of the day, we prepared the skits to perform that night. The leaders even got to be in them. Yipee. Our cabin was great and had an awesome script all about the Princess and the P2 (Personal Progress). We had to say certain things and have other things in our skits to get more points. So it made it interesting! I was a Spanish visiting teacher with a small part, thank goodness! I had no idea how much effort these girls put into these skits. They all did a great job!
These ladies were my cabin mates.
A bachelorette-type skit
"Poor Timmy wasn't ever quite right."
Sleeping Beauty's 3 gangsta fairies.

Thursday was a day we had to cram a lot in to. The day started off with lake time. We hiked down to the canoes and got to cruise around the lake. The leaders could go in paddle boats. Yes, thank you. They had us all stop and have 1 minute of silence and then we sang "I Feel My Savior's Love". It was beautiful.
Then, we had lunch, soap carving, a rain storm, and our special guest!! He was on Survivor last year and is a Mormon. He is in our Camp Director's ward so we had connections! His name is Jonas and he talked about his experience on Survivor and getting there. Also about how low he was before the show struggling with work and life. It was good and we were all riveted for almost an hour and a half that he talked. Afterward, he stayed and signed our flag and buffs and took pictures with us. We've also been interviewing the girls like they do on the show and had him say a few things. He was such a good sport. It was pretty cool!
Isn't that Survivor logo neat?
I asked him about a former player on Survivor and he showed us a video of him.

Here's our tribe. We named it after his tribe from the season he was on.
Signing my buff! I will never wash it. ;)
After Jonas left, we got dinner ready...well, a guy from our ward loves to make dutch oven dinners every year so he did it all in the torrential downpour. It was awesome!
The bishopric came up and I guess it's tradition to paint their finger nails. They are such good sports.

After dinner, we were able to start a fire with wet wood and have testimonies. The bishop gave a great testimony to start it off and the girls just went from there. They were awesome and many of the girls bore their testimonies. Love these girls!
The next morning, it was time to clean, pack up, and head out. We gave out Camp Awards and CDs for the girls with songs from our time at camp. So on the way home, that's what we listened to!
I was SO happy I got to go to girls camp. It's been a LONG time since I've been. I was really excited to go and feel the spirit and to strengthen my testimony. It was so much more than that. This summer I have felt more and more like myself again...not a mom. I mean I am a mom but I felt more like myself before kids. It felt good.
A month later, I got called as the YW's secretary! I'm SO excited to serve with these great girls and to go to Girls Camp again! I got my dream calling, that's for sure!

Another smart thing, were these water bottles with our names on them. Then we weren't using tons of cups all the time and we stayed hydrated. Our Camp Director rocked it! There were so many great ideas and things she did. It was great!


Rebecca said...

I don't know if you will see this comment since the post was from so long ago. You gave me some great ideas for our next camp. I am wondering where you got the amazing survivor logo with the girl holding the torch? Also, would you mind sharing with me where you got your buffs? Thanks for posting! Rebecca

Rachael said...

Hello! I am also looking at doing a survivor theme, I was curious where you got your headbands and the flag with the logos. You can reach me at

Joseph and Amy Katschke said...

I am also wondering about the logo with the girl holding the torch! Any change you could share it with us for our girls camp this year?

Allison said...

Hi! We are doing a survivor theme this year for our ward girls camp as well and I would also love to hear how to got your headbands, flag and logos! - Thanks!!

Nebeker News said...

I would be willing to pay for that logo! Let me know how much!