Wednesday, September 25, 2013

First Day of School

Ah...the first day of school. So much anticipation! My girls were SO EXCITED to start school. Their clothes were all picked out and they had all their school supplies in their backpack. I was a little torn. Usually I am so ready for them to be back in school, but not this year. I still had more I wanted to do with them. Hopefully we can do it on the weekends. But I am ready to be back on a schedule! That will be nice.
Brinley is in 5th Grade and has Mrs. Stansfield who teaches A.L.L. (an advanced class...we will see how that goes!). Cambree has Mrs. Lowry. I think it will be a great year for them!
Brinley didn't seem like she wanted me to take a picture of her. Is she already embarrassed?
Now it's just me and these two cuties. We headed out for a walk/run after dropping them off at school.
And here's the little pre-school photo shoot we did before walking to school.

Colored jeans seem to be the "in" thing this year. Cambree LOVES her bright pink jeans and sparkly shoes. Brinley got turquoise. They are all ready!

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