Monday, September 23, 2013

Boating's been 12 years since Shawn and I have been on a lake on a ski boat. Yeah...our honeymoon was the last time. That's pretty ridiculous. I guess we just don't know anyone with a boat. But now we do! It was VERY last-minute that my friend called to invite us. Shawn was able to get off work a little early to make it back in time. Our kids went over to DeLayne's house to be babysat by her girls. We packed a dinner to eat on the boat and headed out. There were a few issues (like the boat only being pulled by the chain instead of the hitch (we fixed it before anything major happened) and forgetting the pump to blow up the tube)...but we finally got there and had a GREAT time! I will say that I never got thrown off the thing. I stayed on the longest and we were thrown around a lot! I was having the time of my life screaming and yelling...I'm afraid I showed them all a new side of me. :)

The boys all had a turn. Jathon thought he could hold on to Shawn.
Shawn thought he'd try slalom water skiing. Nope. He didn't get up.

Dang. Look at that tan line.
The wild fires made for a beautiful sunset.

We all tried standing up on the thing. That's when I finally fell in. Shawn did well here.
What a fun night! Helps me feel young!

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Julie Baldwin said...

Looks like TONS of fun!!!!!!!!