Sunday, August 25, 2013

Swimming Lessons...and dish soap

The first 2 weeks of July were full of swimming lessons. We didn't do lessons last year so my girls were so excited to do them this year. And, we coordinated with their friends so they had friends in class.
It was Sadie & Easton's (a different Easton) first year doing lessons. Sadie was super-excited and did anything the teacher asked her to do. She was a rock star! At the end, they recommend that she skip a level. Cambree and Brooklyn are in the same level. They both did great and get to move on. Brinley has been in Level 4 for 2 years. She was SO READY to pass...BUT...she didn't. She was so sad/mad. They said Level 4 is the hardest. So maybe I will just move her on. She only didn't pass one thing.
I was happy to leave Easton at coop so I wouldn't have to chase him around the pool the entire time. A few times I had to bring him and I just made sure I brought LOTS of snacks. That kid.
Easton and Sadie waiting to get in.
 Parker and Easton just chillin in their strollers.
Brinley was always so far away. She is on the wall on the far left.
Test day with Sadie...

Two times during swim lessons, we went swimming after. One time at the Lehi pool (we've never been there) and once at AF.
This was taken when I told them it was time to leave. Easton is never a fan of leaving or being left.
We had the Dunn girls over after swim lessons one afternoon. I heard of putting dish soap on the trampoline. They thought it sounded fun. Lots of slipping and sliding and laughs. They loved it!
 Sadie is one lucky girl that they include her in the fun!
 Brooklyn reminds me so much of Nicole when she was younger. That crazy girl!
Summer is half-over! Boo!!