Friday, August 30, 2013

Ohio Trip-Day 1 & 2

Remember how Shawn surprised me with a trip to Ohio to visit my sister?!! We immediately started looking at dates when we could go and tickets online. Turned out, July 24th-29th was when we could go. We packed up and headed to Tooele to leave our kids with my parents. Then, my dad drove us to the airport. So weird to leave the kids for that long AND to go on an airplane! I haven't been on an plane since my Europe trip in 2008 and that was without Shawn. So this was pretty cool to go just us...we called it celebrating our anniversary too.
SLC Airport
We had a layover in Dallas and then got to Cleveland at like 11:30 pm (their was still 9:30 our time). Mandy was so nice to come 2 hours to pick us up. When we got back to their place, Nate even waited up for us. So we talked a little and then went to bed. They cleaned out the spiders in their basement and we had the whole floor to ourselves (well, we slept on an air mattress). They offered us Logan's room but the basement was totally fine...and cooler. Shawn liked that.
We didn't have to get up super early to go to the Football Hall of Fame and slept in a little. It's in Canton (where Mandy and Nate live) so it was about a 10 minute drive. Mandy was nice enough to let us take her car. It was actually Hall of Fame week the next week so it was busier than normal, but not super crazy. They were redoing the parking lot so we had to park farther away and take a shuttle to the building. Shawn went here with his family when he was like 12. Needless to say, it's way different now! I really didn't know what I was in for! It was really fun (at first). The first gallery was all the award winning photos. Love that! Then, the next 2 exhibits were of the history and progression of football. That was pretty interesting.
I'm going in with the big boys!
Nice nose guard

He is a 49ers fan, of course!
Yes, I wore my touch down shirt on purpose. :)
After these two rooms I thought that was about it. Nope! There were more rooms and exhibits and videos. I think I'm all footballed out and football season is just starting! Oh dear.
There were more rooms with gear and the Hall of Fame busts. I would look at all I wanted to look at and then sit and wait. I honestly didn't care waiting. Shawn didn't look at everything but almost.
Steve Young bust
 Then we went to the Super Bowl section and saw the trophy. My favorite part was going into the 360 theater. They played highlights of the last Super Bowl, which was the 49ers against the Ravens. It was fun seeing my old roommate's brother, Dennis Pitta, on there and the famous lights out. It was fun hearing the comments on the field. Loved that! The seats swerved around from one screen to another. That's why it's the 360 theater.
Holy bling on some of these rings!
 There was even a crazy fan section.
Mandy told us that they have an area where you can throw footballs and stuff. We just saw video games to play and calls you can make. There was an area they were renovating so that might've been where that was. Then, we went to the gift shop and bought Easton a signed Steve Young card/plaque and left. I actually thought it would take us all afternoon but we were only there a few hours. I'm just a wimp I guess. :)
Since we were back early and changed up some of our plans for the week, we decided to go to The Melt (we were going to go a different night). The Melt was featured on Diner, Drive-ins and Dives. Mandy went there before and it looked amazing so I told her we for sure had to go there when we came. Nate had class that night but ditched class to come. We had to wait a little bit even though we got there at 5:00 on a Thursday. The staff was all decked out in Christmas attire. They were having a Christmas in July theme so it was more crowded. But it was worth it! Holy cow! My grilled cheese sandwich was HUGE! And deep-fried. Sinful. It tasted almost like french toast. Shawn got a Parmesan chicken sandwich. We each took the whole other half of our sandwiches home for a second meal.
Each customer got a name that was supposedly Christmas theme while you wait. I don't know what Tower City has to do with Christmas.

 Shawn was bonding with Logan. I don't think Logan thought of it as bonding with that look on his face.
 See the Christmas decor in the back?
Mandy was trying to eat her sandwich without making a mess.
Cute Logan is like Houdini in those child seats. Anything with just a lap buckle he can get out of. So towards the end of dinner he had had enough and was on the table!
We came home and rented a movie, "Jack Reacher". Pretty good.

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Mandy Summers said...

They must've changed the Hall of Fame a lot! I know they have been doing some construction for the last couple of years, but I hardly remember any of those things that you have pictures of!