Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Birthday

So I turned the double 3's this year on my birthday. Our celebration was much like last year. We went to the Parade of Homes again. I love going even though I will never have a house as nice as those but it's fun to look! We went with friends and that always makes it fun.
Two Showers!
A urinal!
 After a few houses, we had a dinner break at Texas Roadhouse. Shawn got the biggest country fried steak I've ever seen!

Heather shooting some hoops in an indoor court. Nice form!
This house was really cool! So many fun things!
This was Nana's book club. Such a cute area!
Snack area for the movie theater.
A cute grocery store for kids. Super cute~
 This house had a kitchen in Heather's favorite color!!
After a long day we waited in line for the best snow cones! Worth the wait!

On my actual birthday, Shawn took me to The Roof (they have a great birthday deal there!). It was fun to go to a fancy restaurant with him. And it's fun to go there since we went there then night he proposed to me. I was all about the Lion House rolls there! Shawn was all about the Creme Brulee.

The dessert buffet isn't bad either!
He also surprised me with a card and permission to get tickets to Ohio to visit my sister and her family!!! I was SOOO excited! I will admit, that I might've shed a tear or two. My sister's husband is almost done with law school so if we wanted to visit, now's the time! I really didn't think it would happen but it will! Shawn also wants to come with me. So we'll call it my birthday/anniversary gift. Love it!
I also love this sweet card from Cambree. She was sad she forgot my birthday and tried to make up for it. So cute.
I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such great people and to have such a wonderful family. That's all a girl really needs for her birthday. :)

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