Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Liberty Park

After the reunion, my brother and his family spent some time in Utah before they headed back to Arizona. We were hoping they would stay with us but Cambree was still sick off and on so they ended up staying at my parents' house most of the time.
They called us one afternoon to meet up at Liberty Park in Salt Lake. I had a crazy morning but was able to get up there to have some fun (Easton missed his nap...oh well. It was worth it!) The kids had a blast running all over the little creeks they have there. My parents were great and helped me watch all my kids! Easton was crazy-kid, of course.
Easton has been so attached to my parents since they watched him back in April. Especially my dad!
And, yes, I got rid of Sadie's swimsuit right after this outing. Too small! She kept pulling it down to cover her belly too.
Cute baby Gage was worn out and fell asleep by J.J.
 Although there aren't any seagulls in this picture, that's what they were running around doing...chasing them.
After the park, we were able to meet up with Shawn and bring him home instead of riding the bus home. It was a pretty perfect summer day!

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