Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Last Day at Duck Creek Family Reunion

Rob brought his fishing boat all the way from Arizona. We hadn't gone out in it yet! Today was the day! I felt like such a slacker parent when I found out that Brinley (& none of our kids) had ever been in a boat OR fishing! What?! We needed to fix that! We went to Navajo Lake which was pretty close to Duck Creek and launched the boat! Brinley and Cambree were the first in along with a few cousins. Rob took them around the lake and then came back to pick Shawn, me, Colden, Easton, and Sadie up. They loved it and Easton just sat there enjoying the ride. While we were gone, Colden was helping Brinley fish. She caught one when we came back! She was so happy! I really wanted to stay longer and possibly go on a bike ride but Cambree was burning up again so we needed to get her back home to rest. Brinley stayed longer to fish.
And what's up with my finger in like ALL the pictures! I have no excuses! How embarrassing!
While the first group was out on the water, we ate and waited in the shade.
Annie and Sadie were so cute playing together! They really hit it off this trip!
I think Shawn is getting sick of all our selfies.
Wow. Look at that sky! Such beauty in the mountains. I love it.
That evening, we played volleyball. We had a pretty good game going until Easton and Spencer wandered off. The owner of the place brought them back to us safely. Talk about a scare! We had just realized they were gone when they brought them back. Good thing we were on his good side. :)

Brinley and Cambree had fun playing.
Shawn's feet were hurting him and put my bling-out flip-flops on. So cute!

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