Friday, August 16, 2013

June Mish-Mash

June wasn't what I expected. I was kind of ready for school to be out. We were a little slow getting activities going. But then some kind of sickness hit. Flu-like. I got it first with a fever. Then, it passed around the family for days...weeks. We would all feel better and then someone would get it. Some of us again. It wasn't fun and kind of put a damper on our summer plans. So June just wasn't what I had hoped! Oh well. Still fun to be out of school. :)
Our neighborhood had a summer kick-off BBQ. I love where we live!
I was determined to take the kids to a nearby creek to play. Good thing I did, cuz it's all dried up now.
Brinley insisted on NOT wearing her swimming suit. Yeah, she came back wet and dirty in her WHITE shorts!
Our city's family festival is during June. We didn't do any of the other festivities except the parade. LOVE this parade! The kids love it too with all the candy they get. 
He's a little intense while watching the parade. :)
I got to go to my old roommate, Krystal's bridal shower. I'm SO excited for her!!!
Lots of movie nights with sick kids.
The kids made a candy bar poster for Father's Day.
I wanted a picture with my handsome boy in his tie...he didn't like the idea so much. :/

Sadie's card for Shawn.
Sadie had her follow-up appointment for her tonsils. Everything looked good!
Sadie had her friend over and they painted and painted....she really likes her friend even tho she's giving her a dirty look.
Easton got a haircut! And played with their cars for a long time.
I spent a few nights getting things ready for girls camp.
 We took the Dunn girls home with us to play for a few hours...AFTER we hit up Orange Leaf for a treat! Yum!
Look at all those cute girls!
 Krystal's wedding. We got to go to the sealing in the temple too. It was beautiful. She found a great guy! My girls love receptions! The yummy treats sure don't hurt either.
 June was the week for weddings! Shawn's cousin's son also got married.
Shawn had to get a new phone. Sadie and I waited patiently for him.
Cambree decided to smash raspberries on her face. Don't ask me why...I may or may not of done that kind of thing when I was young.
 Summer is definitely full of snow cones and popsicles! Love the red tongues!

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Mandy Summers said...

I love the card Sadie "wrote" to Shawn! His job is sleeping! Ha ha! That one really cracked me up!