Thursday, August 29, 2013

Girls Camp Kickoff!

I was SO excited to get called as the Girls Camp Assistant!! I mean, what could be better than to go to girls camp and not be in charge of it?!! I just did what I was told and get to be with all these fun girls and leaders. I was SO happy!!
I guess they do a camp kickoff activity and the girls have been wanting to do more high adventure stuff like the boys. So we were able to go river rafting down the Provo River. It wasn't white water at all but it was a fun experience for the girls and bonding time. I hadn't been around the girls much so I was really excited but had to find someone to watch my kids for like 6 hours. Luckily, coop came through and it worked out!
Yes, we had 44 girls go to camp, plus leaders and a few priesthood brothers. Can you see me? I'm on the right side-ish with an orange hat.
 We look good in our stinky life jackets. Tracie always looks good!
 Loading up the bus! We filled it up!
 The splashing got pretty intense at times. I was glad I had my phone water proofed.
 If you went in the water up to your chin you got into the Polar Bear Club. There will be something for you at camp later if you did it. Did I do it? Heck yes I did!

 They call this "The Rock". It's a little deeper there so you can jump out. This is one of the leaders, Melody. Did I do this? Nope.
This got me SO excited for camp and to be with the girls! I can't wait!!

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