Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Time at Scheels!

Every time I pass Scheels I think we need to go there. So that was one of the many things on my "To Do" list this summer. I asked my friend, Heather, if she wanted to join us. She has already been there so she could help us out. First up, the ferris wheel! Heather is pregnant and couldn't go, but I was able to take the littlest ones with me (Sadie and Pryson) and Brinley could take the older ones (Cambree and Korver). Easton and Trayden can't go on it so they stayed with Heather. Besides Korver not wanting to ride with Brinley at first, it worked out great! While we were in line, there was lots of playing on the escalators. I'm sure the workers loved having 6 kids playing on those...
Cambree wanted a picture with the Cowboy aka Ronald Regan. She has a thing for cowboys. She LOVES Scotty McCreery from American Idol.
 The aquarium arch was cool.
 Sadie was super excited to ride the ferris wheel!
 Here we go!! I love how scared Cambree looks. She really was silently freaking out. She said she hated when it would stop and go. Especially at the top. I really don't like that part either.
 The shooting gallery that rips you off. I will hopefully remember that next time.
 This was NOT a happy moment at Scheels. Sadie REALLY wanted to be in the driver's seat and SOMEONE wasn't letting her.
 I love this pic!
 This was a fun idea but kind of faulty in the execution. You hold these cardboard shapes and on the screen they are different fish. But it didn't work so well.
And that was that! We wanted some fudge too but we had to leave for something. Maybe next time. And I was excited that they had these floaties that I've been wanting for Easton. Costco was out of them and I didn't know where to get them. Scheels is the place! Even though I paid more for them...

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