Sunday, August 11, 2013

Davis Reunion-Day 3 & 4

The next day, we started off with a BIG family picture! And guess who got to head it up? Yup, me. It wasn't too bad but all I had was a remote and no one BEHIND the camera so some of the babies just never looked at the camera. Oh well. It was also hard finding enough shade and a nice backdrop for such a big group. Still a good memory! Can you spot us?
 ...and a goofy one!
We decided to go to Cedar Breaks after the picture. I don't remember what my parents and Angie & Rob did but the rest of us went to the lookout (Supreme Point) and were just in time for a Junior Ranger talk. It was about wildflowers. Then we went on a hike (Spectra Point). The hike was just barely short enough for the kids. They were tired after all that hiking yesterday. We hiked along the rim of the canon. Some parts were a little scary and we kept yelling at Justus to hold an adult's hand.
Justus was a little cold...

Avery was all cuddly and warm.
Annie gave me a flower! Gage fell asleep. His face was all smashed too.
After all that hiking, we were able to come back for lunch and a nap for Easton (& I might've taken a nap too!). Shawn went with J.J. and David to go rock climbing. It was Shawn's first time. It was a hard climb and didn't get very far. He's not too fond of rock climbing.
After dinner, we met up with all the extended family for a crazy game of Fruit Basket Upset (Family History Edition). I'm surprised no one got hurt. It was crazy with everyone running every which-way. We also each had made a scrapbook page for Grandma that we gave to her that night. Then, a bunch of us headed over to Supreme Point for the Star Party that a Ranger was nice enough to come out and show us some things. Brinley was absolutely LOVING it! We saw Saturn with a bunch of rings. It looked like it was out of a magazine. We also saw baby stars, constellations, and a nebulous. I've never been to a star party. It was pretty cool.
 My cousin, Eric from Texas, came over for some was fun visiting with him. We always stayed up way too late!
The next day was the day all the extended family was going home. The reunion was over. Not long enough! We (all except Tiff and David) decided to stay an extra day and night at the cabin. Why not? There was still more to do! My cousin lives in Cedar City and had everyone come down to ride her horses. Rachel was so nice to do that. She also has goats, chickens, and bunnies. My girls were pretty excited!
Easton didn't want to ride the horse. Cambree did ride but only once (she is my timid one) and I didn't get a picture of her.
After that, we found a park with a little creek going through it. It was HOT! We had lunch there and just chilled for a while.
Then, went to Pizza Factory for dinner. Yum!
After dinner, Cambree started getting a fever. Before we came on the trip, we all had been sick off and on. I was worried it was coming back. So we got some medicine from the store and had her drink a lot. I thought it might be heat exhaustion.
We also went to The Green Show at the Shakespearean Festival. We had heard great things about it being so fun and family-friendly. I've always wanted to go to the Shakespearean Festival and thought it was be great to go! It was a short show and I figured Easton would last (Shawn didn't). We got there early to get good seats but all Easton wanted to do was run around. He would run in front of people carrying food and almost made someone drop their food. When the show finally started, he did ok for awhile...the last 5 minutes I was walking around with him. Not too bad!
A couple of my cousins showed up to watch it was fun to all be together.
I had no idea how elaborately they decorate and celebrate! It was really fun to be caught up in it all! Now I want to see a real show! This one was just a pre-show.
They asked for people to come up and dance with them. Cambree went up. I guess she was feeling better.
As we were walking back, I saw a William Shakespeare statue and told Sadie to sit by him. She said, "How do you do, sir." It was the cutest thing!

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Krystal Baker said...

We just got back from a family reunion too - great photos! Looks like a great time! :)