Thursday, August 8, 2013

Davis Reunion-Day 1 & 2

Here we go! My very-detailed vacation blog posts that I spread out over a few. I just notice how much I'm forgetting and need to document everything!
We headed down to southern Utah on a Sunday in June. We got to Provo and Easton was crying and throwing fits. He hates the car. So we pulled out the DVDs and that barely got us to our destination. Just barely.
My dad got our family a cabin in Pinewoods Resort near Cedar Breaks. We wanted to be one of the first there so we could get a good room. :) It was a great cabin with a few options! J.J.'s family came a little bit after us and then my parents, Angie's family and then Tiff's family. Since we skipped church, we listened to some of the leadership training broadcast about missionary work. We had dinner and just settled down that night...but I'm sure we played games like we did every night!
The next day, we headed out to hike Bryce Canyon. This place is one of my favorite places on the earth! It's so gorgeous! The weather wasn't too hot too. Just perfect. We hiked Queen's Garden and then connected to Navajo Loop. So pretty!
Everyone is excited to hike except Sadie! Someone always has to be throwing a tantrum.
The grandkids and grandma and grandpa (& Kristy).
You hike through lots of fun tunnels. This is seriously the best hike!
Lunch break!
Here's most of us!
He did so good staying in that backpack!
Shawn likes to tease Justus.
Go J.J.! Carrying 2 kids!
The squirrels were so friendly. Too friendly!
Yup! Lots of switchbacks. I was proud of myself for not even getting winded! I guess all that working out is paying off!
All done and so tired.
After that, we had dinner and drove over to Mossy Cave hike. We met up with Angie and Rob and a few cousins to do that hike. It was short and easy.
Bye-bye Bryce Canyon!
And I don't know what's up with my finger in so many pictures!
That night, we met up with all the aunts, uncle, and cousins for some games and dancing! We did square dancing and just jammed out. It was SO MUCH fun! I've never seen the Davis side let loose like that.
I just had to get my dad dancing on-camera! It was great!
After dancing, we had a big fire and roasted marshmallows and talked.  Such a fun day!

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