Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Brinley and Cambree played soccer again this year. I really tried to talk Cambree out of it but she insisted on playing again. We found out later that she likes to play with the boys. She isn't much competition for them since she always wants to sit out and it's always too hot or she's too tired. I really didn't want to sign her up next year but she said she really wants to play even though it won't be with the boys. So we will see!
Shawn was the coach for the spring season for the Fire Dragons (so nice he didn't have to do fall and spring!) and I think he did a great job! Cambree loved having him there. It's always a little tricky with him coaching when I have a shoot. Luckily, I didn't have too many morning ones so I could go to most of the games. And Brinley was always super-helpful with Easton. Even sometimes after playing a game! She is a sweetheart.
Peter, Kinley, Kaylee, Cambree, Crozier, Colten, Brandon (lots of K sounds!)
Half time snacks.

Cambree scored one goal all season. (I think...but it sounds about right.) And of course, it was one of the games I missed!
Brinley has played with her team for 3 years. They don't win many games but she has loved it and is getting really good at goalie and defender. When she plays goalie, Shawn will go down there and tell her what to do and she will do it! But since she usually plays on that half of the field, she hasn't scored ANY goals ever...well, in her 3 years of playing with this team. The last game of the season was on Memorial Day weekend so many of her teammates were missing. It was her chance to play up! So Shawn coached her and she made a goal!! It was awesome!!! What a way to end the season!
How intimidating is the name Sweet Cleats??
Too bad this one wasn't her goal. What a shot!
THIS was her goal! Dang! NOT a clear shot for me!
Happy girl!!
Well, I guess we will be doing the same thing next year. I'm always glad when soccer season is over. Too much juggling with all the kids and schedules...but if they love it, then it's worth it.

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