Tuesday, July 9, 2013

No More Tonsils!

So kinda funny. Brinley was going around checking everyone's mouths one lazy, Sunday afternoon. When she checked Sadie's she said, "Ew! Gross! Dad, look at this!" Shawn looked at it and told her to show me. I looked at it and thought it looked gross too. I Googled tonsils and saw many pictures that looked liked Sadie's throat. The next day, the girls were going to the dentist. He is in our ward so I asked him to look at Sadie's tonsils. He said they were big and probably a stage 3 out of 4. So I immediately made an appointment with the ENT. Yup. She needed them out and probably her adenoids too. She has been snoring really loud lately too.

We had to wait a few weeks because they were booked and I for sure wanted to wait until after her dance concert. She couldn't miss that! And they kept getting bigger! I'm SO glad Brinley caught it when she did! Anyway, Shawn stayed home from work 1/2 the day and I took Sadie in for surgery. She was so cute and happy. I was a little sad that she would most likely come out of it grumpy and sad. The staff was great and the nurse working with me was actually from Delta. She was a few years older than me so I knew her and her little brother but I don't think she knew me really. :)
For me, her surgery was really relaxing! I got to read and they gave me snacks. The surgical center was REALLY nice instead of a hospital. It was really quick and then I got to go back and see her. She was out. of. it. She was crying and yelling. It was hard to know what she wanted. She needed medicine but didn't want it. I finally got her to have some popsicle. She said she didn't want to watch TV but we turned it on anyway and then she was a little better. Poor girl. After 2 hours, they let us go. She was happier again and when we got home, you could hardly tell she had surgery! The doctor said no jumping on the tramp so we forbid all the kids from that but she was outside playing in the playhouse. I didn't really know how to stop her. We kept up on her medicine but didn't really think we needed to during the night. Bad choice. She woke up crying and HATING life. Didn't want any medicine. FINALLY, we got it in her. Practically had to hold her down. After that, we stayed on top of her meds and she did REALLY good!
Poor girl doesn't know what's going to happen. She just loved her new shirt!
There's those nasty things!
She got to pick a prize before she went into surgery. She would not let go of her bubbles!
She rode out of there in style!

The next day (after I got her to take her meds) she went to her friend's birthday party. It was a princess party and pretty low-key so I thought it would be ok. I came to the party after a little while to hang out and check on her. She left about 20 minutes early but enjoyed herself.

This is probably about a week after she got them out. Just a little bit of scabbing. (sorry about the food in her mouth)
It was WAY worse than getting tubes in her ears but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Whenever I asked her if her throat hurt she would tell me know...even though I knew it had to hurt. She also wanted to eat all kinds of food, not just the soft stuff. The girls were jealous with all the yummy treats and food she got to eat but Sadie didn't see it that way. Waking her up in the night to give her meds was probably the worse part. She would fight it. But after 2 weeks (and even before that) she was completely normal. Whew! I didn't really know what to expect when I went into it and just figured she would rock it since she was awesome with her tubes. She didn't disappoint!! She's a tough girl!
(Sorry about some of the graphic pictures...she always wanted me to check her mouth and take a picture of it. So I have lots of those pictures! I did spare you from many of them!)

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Tiffany said...

Yeah, I was wondering why you posted a picture of the tonsils in the jar... Thanks a lot! jk So glad she didn't have a rough time.