Sunday, July 14, 2013

May Mish-mash

Ahh!! I'm getting so behind blogging! It's stressing me out! But here's to the mish-mash! Love these! I feel like I cover a whole month in one LONG post! Here we go!!

Car shopping!! Ugh. We were NOT planning on THIS happening this month. We hoped our old van would last a few more years...but the AC was out, the emissions has had probs for years and would take about $4,000 to fix AND the transmission was on the verge of going. Our van was SO NOT WORTH all those fixes. So we went shopping. Sadie took this picture on one of our shopping trips.
Here's the new van. We love it! My friend named it Herbie...Herbie Hancock. :) We hope it will last us until we don't need a van anymore!

And HERE are more pictures of the Mommy Daughter Cinco de Mayo activity. (I wondered where they were!) She is hitting the pinata.

 When Easton eats, he insists on having a few cars join him on his tray.

Does it look like me?
The family spoiled me for Mother's Day. They brought be breakfast-in-bed, brought be homemade presents from school (Brinley made a darling book!), and Shawn bought me a pedi. He knows what I need!
 And more fun festivities, like...playing in the shower!
We had my parents and my sister and her family over for Mother's Day. Shawn and the boys made a yummy dinner (my new favorite soup...Thai Coconut). My mom is the best! I am so blessed to have her example to follow.
 Whoops! Grandpa forgot it hat at our house!
 Sadie is all ready for dance pictures!
Brinley was the student of the week for 4th grade. So proud of this girl!!
 Me and my boy just chillin.
 I had co-op and it was a long one and almost over. They were all enthralled in the popper-up thing. It scared them every time!
 Cambree's class had a Reader's Theater to show off what great readers they are! It was cute. Yes...Cambree is the tall one in every picture. :)
 They also made the backdrop...I think she said she drew some trees.
 We had a BBQ and smores with the Dunns. We love these guys and just can't get enough of them!
 Easton loved all their toys...the cars, the balls...and sharing with Parker.
 Sadie and this Easton played pirates on the overturned boat. They were so funny to listen to.
This was finally Easton's official first day of Nursery even though he's been in since January. We have the best ward to let him go in so early!
He still needs to color more. :)

 Still loves the cars...and trains.
 I just had to capture this. Shawn always pulls out the chalkboard or whiteboard when he gives his FHE lessons to the kids.
 Brinley finally cashed in on her Valentine's gift from me...a mother/daughter date. She picked Orange Leaf!  Big surprise!
 Just a quick outing to visit the horses around the corner. Easton loves them.
One night after working out, I came home to find Sadie like this. She had actually peed all over! Yuck! I don't know what happened. She must've been tired!
 And more practicing with my lights. Doesn't he look tough?
Sadie liked posing too.
 And Cambree too...oh boy. Where does she come up with this stuff?
 And cute Easton was my subject on my black backdrop. :)
That's it for May! Bring on summer!!

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