Friday, July 5, 2013

Dream Dance Concert

The end of the school year seems to bring all sorts of performances. But this one is the big one. It was HUGE for me too since I took on doing all the class and individual dance pictures. I've been learning how to do lighting and buying all sorts of things to be ready for it. Even with all my preparation, something has to go wrong. One of my lights started not working and I had to go with only one light. It worked out though, but I certainly was a stress-case!!!
ANYWAY, I also designed the poster...not my best but it turned out alright (did I just admit that?!!).
I took a few cell phone pics of the girls waiting anxiously to go on stage! I feel so bad for their teachers having to deal with all those excited girls backstage.

The concert was AMAZING! Stephanie always out-does herself and this one was no different. Her studio has grown and so has the talent. I loved watching 3 of the 4 shows. I also rented a fat lens and took pictures during the show for customers requesting that. I don't think I'll offer that again though. I mean, check these guys out!! The guy she pays to come do the show, but the girl is from her studio. They are awesome! People should pay to see this kind of thing!
 Sadie was a star and a bee for this concert. I LOVE those striped tights!!
Cambree was the sky for her ballet number. Last concert she did modern and this time she did ballet. I think I can talk Shawn in to having her do both next year.

Sadie was so cute always looking at the ground and trying to stay on her dot. Their song was that one from A Bee Movie (and an older song) that goes...Oh honey, honey. Sugar, sugar. You are my candy girl! And you got me wanting you! (you know that one?) It was cute.

I didn't know there were karate moves in her dance! ;)

Such balance!
Curtain call! Love the curtsies.
After the show, I got a few pictures of the girls together. Too bad Sadie had a blue mouth from the ring pop!
Usually we get a few more family members that come to the show (Brinley came the night before) but people were gone since it was Memorial Day weekend. But Lynnette and Doug came. They are so great to come and support them.
 ha! I was there!!
Cambree's Primary teacher, Sis. Munton was there because she was in the show! Cambree just had to get a picture with her.

So excited for next year!!


Angie said...

I love your poster. It turned out really cool. I do agree...they should at least charge $3/ticket...that would help cover the costs of the facility and reimburse them for all the TIME they put into this!! It sounds like your girls are a part of an amazing dance studio.

Mandy Summers said...

So cute! Hopefully we'll, or at least, I'll, be able to make it to the next one!