Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Brinley's Beauty Salon Birthday Party

Back when I was 11 or 12, I remember having a beauty salon party. I told Brinley all about it and she was excited to have one. So we got decorations and I made some signs and invited friends and we had ourselves a little party! I needed some help and luckily my mom was able to come and my friend (who does hair for a living) came to help too. Her daughter is Brinley's friend but she got sick that day and couldn't come.
We started off with pinning the purse on the girl while we waited for everyone to get there.
Then I broke them up into different stations. We had a make-up station where they were supposed to not look and put makeup on each other. This got CRAZY!! I did a nail station where I did crackle on their nails. Cool stuff. And my friend did their hair and put in color if they wanted it. I should've just bought hair spray color and not the wet gel stuff. I just wanted to be sure it would wash out.

  Sadie LOVED being a part of it all! Especially the makeup. :)
Brinley wanted a cheesecake for her birthday cake. I think it's the first time I didn't make a cake for her! We got one that had several different flavors and cut it up so they could try a few. I also whipped up some cupcakes to serve also.
We did a photo booth and presents at the end. Man! Their makeup got so crazy and was hard to get off! I feel bad that they left the party not-so-cute.
With their pictures from the photo booth, I made thank you cards to give to them with their picture on it.
Cambree looks a little scary!!
 That night, after Shawn came home from work, Brinley opened presents from the family.
There's my boy! Thankfully, he slept through the whole birthday party.
 Yeah, she was excited to get that. :)
And we surprised her with tickets to the Stadium of Fire. Kelly Clarkson is performing. She is one of Brinley's favorite singers! She was excited!! I can't wait to go either!

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