Sunday, June 9, 2013

Easton is 19 Months Old!

Time has flown by! This little guy is 19 months old (when I took these pictures but 21 months old now). Hopefully I can remember what he was doing back then. :)
30 lbs - 92 percentile
33 inches - 78 percentile
Healthy boy! I'm sure it won't be long until he catches up to Sadie!

What he's up to:
-He LOVES cars! I love watching him run them along the furniture or walls or floor. He will play with them for a good 20 minutes! I love that!
-He will eat anything but he won't. He's not too fond of trying new things but once you can get him to try it, he usually likes it.
-He loves to go! That was one of his first words. If anyone is going, he has to go with them...and don't forget his jacket even if it is SO HOT outside. He insists.
-We bought him a BYU hat. He will only wear it outside. I was actually nervous for his photo shoot because I bought him a hat to wear but lucky we did the session outside so it worked out great!
-I wanted him to have his monkey in some of the pictures because he is loving it right now. But he wanted it in ALL of the pictures. :)
-Did I mention he is stubborn and screams bloody-murder when he doesn't get his way? Cuz he does. :)
-Words he says (these might be repeats from a few months ago): mama, dada, shoe, go, drink, bye, car, nana, cracker, night-night, ba-ba (bottle or binky), mo (more), nose, eye, phone, show, side (outside)
-He says Why? right now but I know he wasn't saying that at 19 months. But I thought I would include it. It's just so cute (for now) when I tell him something and he asks Why?
-He actually likes to get his hair done, just like the girls. :)
-He loves nursery and has been going for a couple of months now. He even runs to the nursery room if he goes out for being loud in sacrament meeting. Of course he screams and gets mad when he can't go in! Funny thing. He poops EVERY week in nursery. They bring him to us every week to change him. He's quite regular.
-Oh. Did I mention he still screams? So lovely. But it's getting better now that he can communicate better.
-He likes to kick and throw balls. Shawn has high hopes.
-He LOVES to be outside! He also likes to jump on the tramp with the girls...but isn't so fond of getting bounced really high.
-He still gets tons of comments wherever we go about his awesome hair. Too bad it's getting cut off right after this session. :(
And now for the pics of my one and only son! He's a keeper. :)
Of course, we bribed him with candy! And he was always wanting more.

 ...and he was done even though we tried giving him more candy. Such is the life of a one-year old! When they are done they are done!

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Krystal Baker said...

Those are the cutest photos! Your boy is adorable. :)