Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cambree's Field Trip to the Zoo

Cambree was DYING for me to go on her 1st Grade Field Trip to the zoo. I went back and forth about going. It was going to be hard getting someone to watch Sadie and Easton that long and I help in her classroom every week so I thought I'd give other parents a chance to see the kids. Well, I caved. She was in tears wanting me to go (so sweet! That won't last long, I'm sure!). Luckily, I had enough popsicle sticks saved up to send my kids to Babysitting Co-op (best thing ever!) and worked it out so I could go. Cambree was SO happy!
Here she is with her friend, Madelyn, waiting to load the bus. Yeah...check out the height difference!
And I love the fact that I got to ride up separate from the bus with a bunch of other moms instead of a bus load of noisy kids!
And here is the crazy group of 5 kids that I got to keep track of throughout the zoo. Luckily, I had another mom there who was kind of helping anyone who needed extra help...and her son was in my group so she just came along. I really might've lost one without her help!
Pretty soon after we got there, the kids wanted to eat their lunches.
Seriously. These kids were RUNNING from one thing to the next! I thought we would be done with the zoo long before we could load the buses. But little things like these statues kept them occupied for longer than you would think!

So we HEARD how AMAZING the polar bear was. We JUST missed him playing in the water. And once he is out, he is out for a while. Lame.
Towards the end, we picked up some more friends in Cambree's class. I sure do love these kids! Helping out all year I really got to know them and they are some cute kids! I also really LOVED Cambree's teacher. She was perfect for her. 1st Grade was a great year for Cambree! And how did I not get in any pictures with my daughter? I'm so bad at that!

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