Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cambree's 1st Grade Program

I had the privilege of being very involved in Cambree's class this year. I volunteered to come in to the classroom every Wednesday to help with whatever needed to be done. As it got closer to the program, I helped put up the kids' artwork in the hallway and take every 1st Grader's picture so the teachers could make a gigantic American flag of all the kids. I don't know how they thought of it and actually put it all together but they did and it looked fabulous!! These teachers are so awesome. I absolutely adore Cambree's teacher. She was the perfect teacher for her this year to deal with her sassy attitude. She wouldn't take any of that. :)

The program was so cute with songs and actions. We had Brinley stay home with Easton (since she had already seen the program at school) and that was the best decision ever! We just had Sadie and got to just sit and enjoy it! Brinley took a babysitting class and learned all sorts of emergency training, and tips and tricks. We leave her occasionally when we aren't going to be very long or are close by. Oh the freedom!! Love it!
They all got t-shirts for reading 100 books this year! So cool! Some of the songs they sang were: Yankee Doodle, Freedom Freedom I Am Free, Americans We, Once Small Voice, God Bless the USA, This Land is Your Land, O Beautiful for Spacious Skies, Oh I Love America
They gave me credit too. I totally didn't expect that. Told ya they are awesome.

Artwork that I hung. Cambree's is the pink Arctic landscape at the top.
So proud of you, Cam!

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Jennifer S said...

That flag idea is actually really awesome! And what is even more awesome is Brinley getting to the age where you can leave her with Easton for a minute! Lucky ducky! and Lastly, holy cow, could Miss Cambree get any cuter with her pigtails and huge smile? um no, she can't. so adorable