Sunday, June 16, 2013

April Mish-Mash

Oh man! I'm so behind blogging! Here we go...trying to catch-up and end April with a ton of random pictures.
Our life in April:
Well, this wasn't in April but I finally got it off Shawn's phone. They had a luau for their Daddy Daughter activity for Activity Days. Brinley looks cute all dressed up!

 I just love snuggles with my baby boy...and the light was pretty awesome.
 We brought out the kite on a windy evening. Shawn was at soccer practice with Cambree. Brinley did it all herself. I just took pictures. :)
 And Easton hung out in the stroller, as usual!
 Sadie thought she was so funny putting on Shawn's pants, way the wrong way.
 She also found a new Princess app where you can dress up like a princess. I have a million of these pics on my phone. :/
 Easton does this 1/2 the time we watch the girls' soccer games.
 I bought these shoes off a friend cuz they didn't fit her daughter. I was admiring them at the game. :)

 Happy Birthday to Shawn!! Redemption! His actual birthday was while we were on our trip in Cali and his bday dinner wasn't what he hoped for...but Rodizio's is!! He got a free meal too.
 LOVE the cheese bread!
The next weekend, he wanted to go to The Roof for another free bday meal. It was Jr. Prom or something and was packed! So we went to the Garden Room instead. Still good IMO.
Yum! Vegetable Lasagna! I'm trying to eat healthy(ier)...wasn't happening with Shawn sabotaging me!

 The night was so nice they opened up the skylights. I didn't know it did that!
 Trying on hats at the store. He wasn't loving it.
 Mommy-Daughter date to Orange Leaf!
They just can't get enough of the trampoline!
And I can't get enough of Easton in his CUTE hat!
 Sadie at the ENT. Waiting to hear if she gets to have her tonsils out. Yup...but that's a whole nother post.
 Story time with friends! Cat and the Hat day!
So in school, Brinley made Valentines for the Nursing Home next to the Elementary. My nieces and nephew work there and found Brinley's Valentine and brought it to me. It was funny how she wrote, "Dear Person"
 Sadie trying on Cambree's swimsuit. She was on a kick this month putting on other people's clothes.

 Brinley had her piano recital. She did awesome and had her pieces memorized and didn't mess up (well, not enough that anyone could really tell). She is growing so much and is getting so good. We are so proud of her!

Cambree stole my phone and took a bunch of selfies. I deleted a ton but these were pretty funny. :)

 Cambree waiting to go into the game to play. She actually liked staying out more than playing but still wants to play next year! Ahh!! I'm TRYING to talk her out of it!
Grandma and Grandpa Hancock came to her game for a bit. We were having a graduation lunch for my nephew's wife (I'm really not that old!!) at the same park as her game! It worked out great!
 Sadie eating with Grandpa and loving it!
 So Shawn and I are Sadie's Primary teachers. We have 9 girls and 1 boy. This was actually his last Sunday teaching because they released him. I just had to get a picture of our little class...AND how they love giving him hugs!

April was busy for me practicing and getting ready to take the dance pictures for TDC. Shawn was always helping and giving me insight to what I might be doing wrong. He's good. Ahhh!! It was stressful!! I ended up getting a black backdrop cuz it was easier to deal with. The girls also didn't mind modeling for me. :)

 It's raining blossoms!! I love our blossoming cherry tree!
 Yup...Cambree did it again but this time to SADIE!! She tried cutting her bangs! Oh! I was mad!!
 Watching more soccer games.
 Brinley and I got to go to the Mommy Daughter Activity Days Activity. It was a Cinco de Mayo party. She was making a sombarro hat cookie. We also did freeze dance, a relay wheel barrow race, made maracas, and a pinata, of course!
 My baby boy is turning into a little toddler! He will play for a good 20 minutes with his cars! He hasn't been doing this much until now! I had to get out my good camera and take some pictures. I love it!!
Whew! Now for May!!


Tiffany said...

I wanted to leave a comment on each one! Your kids are so funny! Especially Sadie how she kept trying on other people's clothes.

Mandy Summers said...

Tell Brinley Great Job on her piano recital from me! None of the kids I teach did that well at the recital we just had! They just aren't practicing enough.