Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring Break Day 4 - Legoland Aquarium & Beach

Day 4 was Saturday, April 6th. Shawn's birthday and General Conference. We had LOTS to fit in so we got an earlier start. Our Legoland tickets included admission to the Legoland Aquarium. It opened an hour earlier than Legoland so we decided to beat the long lines at shoot for getting there at 9 am. It worked and we drove right in!
The aquarium was alright. I think the Utah one is actually better than that one and we aren't by an ocean! But they did have all the things you would want...except no sting rays! We were done pretty quickly, which was nice with all we wanted to do that day...more overload of pictures!

I love pictures of jelly fish. :)
The older kids raced through the aquarium and were done long before little Spencer was. He loved looking and playing with everything. Rob called us back to watch the diver show. That was pretty neat to ask him questions as he fed the fish. The fish sure love him!
Here is our crazy crew (minus Shawn who actually took a picture!)

I REALLY wanted pictures by the big Legoland welcome sign so we walked over there afterward. LOVED it!! We couldn't leave without doing that!
All the cousins!!
Brinley took this shot. Not too bad!
...and this shot. M is for Missy!
After that, we came home had lunch and made the kids watched one session of General Conference before we went to the beach. The kids were actually REALLY good and Brinley commented about how Conference isn't boring and how interesting it is. She's growing up!

NOW, it's time for the beach!! Since it was Shawn's birthday, we let him boogie board pretty much the entire time and not take a turn watching the kids. Stinker! He still didn't get as good as me. ;) The tide was higher in the afternoon than when we went the other day. The waves were more brutal and harder to catch. I got pummeled and scraped up pretty bad one time. :/ But Brinley got the hang of it and was loving it the whole time too! I knew she would.

More sand creations. I love that Colden is a lynx!
The water was still cold!
I don't know if Spencer ever went in the water. He was content to play with all the sand toys.

Cool pelicans.
Colden and Rob were finding little sand crabs.
After the beach, Shawn and I got all cleaned up to go out to dinner for his birthday. So nice to have built-in babysitters! But it sure would've been nice if they could've come too!
We had a little bit of trouble finding a place to eat. Shawn is all about the food and more about the quantity than the quality. Especially when I'm on vacation, I'm more about the location and experience. I wanted to go out to the pier to have dinner on the dock at Ruby's but Shawn didn't think that would've been a great meal and it was too crowded. :( So we drove around. He looked up a place that said it was like P.F. Chang's but when we got there, it was more like a Panda Express. No good. So we tried looking up places and waits were too long and ended up at Mimi's Cafe. Yup. A chick place. I was laughing. So he went all out and got appetizers. I loved my crepe! But I don't think he liked his meal too much. Dang.

After that, we came home and had eclair cake (his request) and....PLAYED GAMES, of course!

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