Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Break-Day 3-Legoland!

LEGOLAND day!!! We were all so excited to go to Legoland! Unfortunately, we got a bit of a late start trying to find some last-minute coupons and just the regular getting-off-late stuff. So we got there right as everyone else did. The line to park was horrendous. But at least there were Lego people all along the way. Then, the line to get in the park wasn't too long, just slow. At the end of the day, we decided that Legoland just wasn't very efficient with their line control and just slo-mo.
Neither family had also never been there before so when we got in, we were kind like, "Uh, what do we do now?" But that was easily remedied as we went along the park and just went wherever the kids wanted to go. We first went to a tea-cup type ride. Sadie had to be 4 AND 42 inches to ride that ride. She wasn't 4 so she couldn't ride. So sad. The next ride we went on was a roller coaster ride. Same thing. She couldn't ride. The worker said these were the only 2 rides in the whole park she couldn't ride. It better be cuz I paid full price for her!
We went on a fun Mummy ride (and a few other little rides) where we shot things for points. We ate lunch in line. Also in that line, there were Legos the kids could built while we waited. Cool idea.
All the cousins...except Spencer and one little girl in seat 10 that wasn't part of our group. :)

Then, we checked out Miniland where they had Star Wars big episodes built in Legos. Super cool! There were also all the big U.S. cities built with Legos. Super cool. All the adults could've spent a longer time there.

Then, we headed to the Pirate area. Water rides! Angie decided sat out with Spencer and Cambree. They all didn't want to get wet. I figured we would get a little wet which I was fine with...uh, we got SOAKED!! 2 waves of water splashed completely over us. DRENCHED!! Oh my...and I was in jean capris. Yeah, those would not be drying for awhile. At least we took our shoes off. Sadie was pretty upset and cried. I don't blame her!
Before...Cambree saw the drenched people and got out of line.
Right before the major drenching!
After...still all smiles...well, most of us. :/
Then, we split up for a bit. Shawn and Rob took Colden and Brinley to a Mindstorm thing where they got to play with robots (you had to be 9 to do it).

I took Sadie, Cambree, and Evelynn to the Knight ride that Sadie was dying to go on and Angie stayed with Dylan and Spencer in the Pirate place. As I was in line, I noticed the guy saying over and over that you had to be 4 AND 36 inches to ride that ride. WHAT???!! I thought the girl said every other ride she could ride? And it clearly was a little kid ride. So I'm awful. I told Sadie she was 4. She said, "I had my birthday today?" Yup. I'm feeling pretty bad. And I had Cambree go along with it (double bad!) cuz she would've told the worker that Sadie was 3. Ugh. I felt SO bad!! So we get to the front and the worker asks Sadie how old she is. She said 4 and got right in! I was a little nervous that maybe it wasn't safe for a 3 year old but there was a seat-belt and a bar to hold on to so I felt like she would be just fine and she was. Whew. But, yeah, I felt so bad for lying. Then, the rest of the day Sadie said she was 4. (The next day, she said, "Mom, am I 4?" and I told her no and that was that. Ugh. I probably just failed as a parent.

Then, Angie and I went over to a HUGE jungle gym for the kids to get lost play on. While Angie was in line buying apple fries (Yuum!!) I had the privilege of keeping track of 5 kids! Oh boy. I almost lost Spencer several times. We also saw Lego Darth Vader and the Lego workshop (but it was pretty empty). The girls played "knights" while Dylan tried to find something to buy with his money. :)

Then, we met back up with everyone and watched a 4D Chima movie. Bubbles and water were part of the show. :) Then, went over to a dinosaur roller coaster. Then over to the cars where you can actually drive them. It was for kids 5-12 and they had to obey traffic lights and signs. It is seriously a kid's dream to drive themselves and the kids loved it! It was fun to watch and see who was the best driver.

 Waiting in line was starting to get tiring for Cambree...I should've seen her breakdown coming!

By this time, we only had about 20 minutes left before the park closed. So we ran over to the dragon roller coaster. SO glad we did! It was the best ride! It was kind of like Splash Mountain ride where you go along for a little bit and look at all the Lego Knight scenes. Then do the ride. It was a good one! That line was so fast that we were able to do one more. We called it the Robot Arm ride. You sit in it's "hand" and it spins you all crazy. Sadie could even ride it but it had to be the gentle setting (there were different settings). Brinley and Colden picked a more crazy setting and had tons of fun flipping all over. Cambree went with Shawn and picked the highest setting he could with her and she hated it and cried the whole time. She was scared to say the least. :/

These 2 were NOT scared to ride the Robot Arm!
That was it! Everything closed down except the Mega Lego Store which everyone (including us) went to to buy a few souvenirs. While they were paying, Sadie and I went out to meet the Pirate Lego guy and Cambree completely broke down. Totally and utterly wiped out and HUNGRY! On the way home, we picked up Little Caesar's pizza and had a peaceful night. Love wiped out kids. The adults played a few games until the wee hours. Don't you feel like you were there now? Whoa. That was long!


Jennifer S said...

I've heard of people going to legoland but it never sounded fun until your post. I didn't realize there were so many cool rides! And I laughed about you lying about Sadie's age--If that is your failing as a parent I would say you're doing pretty good. :) I would have been super annoyed about the age restriction too!

Tiffany said...

Whoa, I didn't know there were so many rides! It sounds super cool! But maybe they should get some tips from Disneyland on how to work on their crowd control... Looks like you guys had a great time!

Krystal Baker said...

I love Legoland! I had the time of my life there even as a grown up girl a few years ago. :)