Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 3 Spring Break - Beach Day!!!

Yes! The kids were SO excited to go to the beach! But first, we got to sleep in...a little. Angie and Rob went to the temple and we weren't going to attempt the beach with 7 little ones without their help. So we had a slow morning which was great.
As soon as they got back, we walked down to the beach. The waves were perfect for boogie boarding and we were so glad we bought some. The water was pretty chilly though so it took a while before some of us got in. I was perfectly content to sit on the beach and relax. We buried the kids in the sand and had a picnic on the beach. But, the ocean was calling my name and I wanted to get out there! It was FREEZING but once I was numb it was just fine. And I must say, I am better at boogie boarding than my California-native husband! SWEET!!
Spencer, my sister's 2 year old, fell asleep with his feet up. He was exhausted! He didn't get a nap at Legoland and was SO GOOD! No tantrums! So he just conked out at the beach.
Brinley as a mermaid...whether she wanted to be one or not!
Evelynn said she wanted to be a little girl. :)
I think Dylan just wanted to be buried.

Brinley was doing pretty good at boogie boarding but towards the end of the day, she got pummeled pretty bad. She was scared and sad and sat on the beach. She mentioned that she couldn't stop shaking. My sister wondered if she had hypothermia but then I remembered that she didn't eat lunch with us when we were all eating. So she ate and then I took a few kids back to the condo with me that were done and she felt a lot better.
We were in charge of dinner that night, so I started on that and then we all just chilled for the evening. The kids went to bed at a decent time so the adults played games until the wee hours. So fun!

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Tiffany said...

You guys got creative with the sand burring!