Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Brave Tale | Brinley's Play

I signed up Brinley for a play this year to see if acting was her thing. I already knew she liked to sing so I wanted to see if she liked theater. I heard about Up With Kids and it was reasonably priced so I thought I would let her try it out. It started at the beginning of the school year and went clear until April. They have only been practicing the play since January though. About 1/2 way through the year, Brinley said she didn't really like going but that she would stick it out until the end. I guess I have my answer!
The performance was at AF High and my parents came to watch her. We got a sitter for Easton and brought the other kids. The play was called "A Brave Tale" that somewhat followed the "Brave" movie storyline with a really weird super hero ending that should've been omitted. :/ The songs were cute and from various Disney movies with the words changed a little. Brinley doesn't look too enthused the whole time but she said her one line and sang the songs with a kind of half smile on her face. Maybe she would've liked it more if a friend did it with her. Oh well. She REALLY wants to do voice lessons so we signed her up for that this summer. I think she will love it.
 Getting instruction before the show...

 Ready for it to start! (it was actually REALLY LONG!!!)
 She's got some attitude!
 She's the tall witch. The costumes were actually really good!
 She said her one line. It had to do with wearing big glasses. I should ask her what her line was.
Weird super hero scene.

 The End.
 Wow! She got an Oscar for her performance!
 Sadie pretended to do some acting too.
 Of course many pictures I am in aren't focused. Ugh.

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Jennifer S said...

Your kids are always signed up for fun stuff! I always feel too poor to put Maddy in dance or other stuff, I don't know how you manage with all of your kids so involved, you're awesome!