Thursday, April 25, 2013

March Mish-Mash

I'm loving my month mish-mashes! It gets A LOT of pictures out in one sitting! And it tells a lot of about goes on in our daily lives. THAT'S why I LOVE my iPhone so much! I get out that camera way more than my good one. Love, love, love it! Anyway, here we go!
 Yes, he likes the iPhone...a little too much. I have a few apps that he can "play".
 Shawn came home from work and they both came running and wanted to be picked up. So cute!
 We tried the car wash for Easton's first time. He is NOT a fan!

 This was at the first of March. The weather was so nice! We had a bunch of neighbor kids jumping...we need to get the net up!
Cambree had the lesson for Family Home Evening...yup! It was around St. Patrick's Day. Her lesson was all about that. It was pretty cute.
This is what her list said:
1. How does the leprechaun get in?
2. What happens on St. Patrick's Day?
3. Do we decorate?
4. Do we have to wear green?
5. Do we get pinched?
6. Is there a parade?
7. Do they put green powder in our food? (or something like that)
8. Do we decorate our house?
9. Does the leprechaun send notes?
10. Do we play games?
Sadly, we hardly did anything! It was on Sunday and we went to Stake Conference with green on. We also had corned beef and potatoes. That's about it! No leprechauns invaded our house. Whew!

 More play time outside.
 Babysitting co-op at our house. The kids love the ole swing set. I loved that Easton and his bud, Trayden, just sat and swung away!

Lately, Sadie and Easton have been loving to play under the sink while I get ready for the day. No smashed fingers so far!
Sadie has been making the CUTEST people! I love that she drew our family.
We found out about story time at our city's building. It's sure nice to see friends and have something to do when the weather turns cold. Sadie calls it Preschool and that gets her excited to go. Fine by me!
 We are working on her pencil/crayon holding...but I love her little people!
And...this is what Easton does. He is a blur. He runs and yells all over that loud, wood floor. Ugh. I bring snacks for him so he doesn't do it the whole time but he is quite distracting. That kid.

Sadie went to a birthday party. It might be her first. It was dog-themed. Here she is painted like a dog eating dog food (Coco Puffs). So cute!

I went to a studio lighting party, of sorts. It was pretty fun trying out the ring light and other set-ups.

I just love it when he is still like on a Saturday morning chilling in our bed. :)
 Sadie kept pulling his hoodie over his head. He didn't mind much and he looked cute.
Our High School put on Les Miserables. Shawn wanted to go on a daddy-daughter date and take Brinley and Cambree. They loved it! I kept hearing how great it was for a high school putting it on and that the singers were wonderful and the backdrops were amazing. So I wanted to go!! My sister-in-law was going with her family and asked it I wanted to go. Yea! I didn't have to go by myself! And it did NOT disappoint! Wow. It was amazing.
I finally succumbed and gave Easton yogurt. I knew he would love it and make a mess. I was right on both accounts.
 He also likes to "play" the Wii. Well, he just likes anything with buttons he can push.
Sadie put on Easton's shoes. I don't think they fit.
A day at the park!! We had a little neighborhood picnic at the park one beautiful afternoon. This was Easton's first time where he got to actually play at the park. I was mostly chasing him around and making sure he didn't fall off. I missed Brinley and Cambree that day. I'm sure they wouldn't have minded following him around instead of me. I'm too big for that! Easton had a great time! We had to end our time there when Easton ran all the way to the school parking lot...twice! He's a runner. So not fun.
Took Brinley out for a treat just me and her after her A.L.L. meeting. So proud of her for testing into that class. She will do great!
Right after the treat, we went to her 4th Grade Program. It was all about Utah. They sang some cute songs and dressed up as pioneers, trappers/traders, Indians, cowboys, etc. We tried being annoying and getting her to smile. She just didn't seem like she enjoyed herself at all even though she said she did. Guess she is getting too cool/old for this stuff.
More nice weather and playing outside with co-op kids! Love it!
Recently, Easton has been loving his monkey. It's so cute how he will walk around with it and give it hugs.

My cousin got married! She asked me to take her bridals and wedding pictures. (Check out her bridals here...I'm still working on her wedding. Almost done!) Shawn came to the reception with all the kids. So glad he came even if Easton was a little crazy running around...I guess Cambree was too. But she actually wanted to stay until the end with me. It was fun having a buddy and she LOVES this kind of stuff. Me too!
Here comes the bride...
 I came upon these stuffed animals watching TV. I love when I come upon a scene where you know "a kid has been here"...unless it's a messy scene. I don't like that very much. :)

For Christmas, we gave Shawn's parents the gift of taking them out to dinner at Chuck-a-Rama. We finally made good on that promise and took them out. They haven't been able to get out much (since their licenses were taken away, but now Larry has his back) so it was fun for all of us to go out. Although, I have been trying to eat healthier and exercise so a buffet was not the best thing for me to do, but I knew Larry would LOVE it so I was fine with it.
Yeah, on that subject, I have been on a meal plan where I eat several about 200 calorie snacks a day with about 3 300-400 meals. It's been hard to remember to eat since I'm not a snacker. So I had to set an alarm to eat. I also work out pretty regularly. I've lost 25 lbs since January! Slow and steady. I still have a ways to go but I feel good and have also lost 20+ inches. I'm firming up. It's great! My friend, Kelly, from The Turquoise Piano has been helping me out. Check out her blog for meals and exercise schedules. She is awesome!
...and last but not least, we had one last egg hunt in the house for Family Home Evening, as per request of Cambree. I like where this guy was hiding. :)
 Now on to April!!!


Tiffany said...

Holy crap! Good for you Missy! Mom said that you, Mandy, and her were all trying to eat healthier meals and watch calories and I've been wanting to hear how Mandy was doing, so I'm glad you at least posted how it's going for you!

I love how Easton will carry his monkey around. Avery does that too with her bear and will hug and give it kisses. It's so cute that she can do that now.

Mandy Summers said...

Love Sadie's people pictures! I love how you can see their noses! Most kids don't put those on!