Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easter Sunday

Easter morning the kids searched for their baskets. They all were found pretty quickly and they also got a sugar high pretty quickly. :) The Easter Bunny gave them each chocolate bunnies 1/2 the size of Easton. They were pretty excited about that.

Then, we all got ready for church and had the traditional Easter Sunday pictures. I didn't buy any Easter clothes this year since we were going on a big vacation in a few days. They were fine with it, whew! Easton's was new because it was given as a baby shower gift. So nice that it fit at the right time!
Brinley has been such a great baby sitter lately and has really taken to Easton. (I will have her babysit for 10 minutes or so while I run quickly to pick up someone for an activity) Maybe she feels like his second Mommy. He has been wanting her too more to hold him and play with him. She wanted a picture of them together. When I was young, I felt like a second Mom to my baby sister. I loved taking care of her!
Blah. Not the best family picture...but at least we got one.
Sadie being silly again. My mom made her this dress for it's new-ish.
Cambree's was a new hand-me-down, so she was happy to wear a "new" dress too. I thought I might be a little sad that I couldn't buy new dresses for them when I would see all the kids in their new clothes at church, but I was actually just fine about it!
So, SOMEONE (Brinley) gave Easton chocolate after church and Shawn didn't know it and was holding him. Yup! Chocolate slimed on his white shirt! Doesn't look too good either...good thing we were on our way OUT of church!
After church, we headed over to the Hancocks for Easter dinner and dying eggs. We had a yummy ham and potato dinner and then some of the kids dyed eggs. Sadie was plopping them in the cups like crazy and needed to be man-handled watched at all times. I was glad when our eggs were done! (Thanks to Jody for bringing her camera! I totally forgot mine. And look! I'm actually in some!)
Easton just ran around while everyone tried to keep him out of trouble. He also loves all the attention that everyone gives him. There's definitely some benefits to being the youngest grandkid!
Easton liked Jordyn...even if it was only for her phone. ;)
He doesn't mind Uncle Ryan either giving him a fun ride on a human swing.

I absolutely LOVE Easter! The family and fun but especially church and hearing about Christ's glorious resurrection. He is such a blessing to us all and I am so thankful for Him.

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Krystal Baker said...

Love Sadie's teal dress and Easton's curly hair! :)