Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter Egg Hunts

Easter came early this year. I wasn't quite prepared for it. We always do our city's Easter Egg Hunt. Usually we are trying to juggle it in between soccer games, but not this year since Easter was sooner. As always, it was a bit crowded. But they changed things a little and I think it went a little better. Easton kind of participated. He was too scared with all the commotion going on. In the end, he got maybe 2 eggs. Shawn had him and I had Sadie. Sadie was acting all scared and shy too but she ended up with some eggs. Cambree didn't get any. She was pretty sad. She even wore her running shoes so she would be fast. ;) Brinley got her fair amount and she and Sadie shared with Cambree.
Sadie being shy before the hunt.
Cambree I mean?

 Love this series of pictures. 4 kids on a sugar-high are hard to get a good picture of.

Then, we worked in the yard all day. We got rid of our red-neck play area...well, we pulled out the weeds and tarp and need to lay new weed cover and bark. So our backyard was in disarray. We promised the girls if they worked hard all day that we would do the egg hunt that evening. We also got pizza. Easton LOVES breadsticks! He was so giddy whenever we would give him a new one. Pretty funny.
 Egg hunt time! We gave Sadie and Easton a head-start.
 Easton liked this egg hunt better than the city one. He LOVED all the candy hidden inside....ahem...excuse the snot face. I didn't notice until now. :)

 AND...I got a much better picture!!

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