Sunday, March 3, 2013

Valentine's Day

I'm about caught-up since not much has been happening! I LOVE Valentine's Day so we had fun with our cards this year. I posted them in this post in case you missed it. On Valentine's Day, I got to host playgroup which turned into a little party since most of the little girls brought Valentines to share. Sadie was so happy to share hers. It was so cute and we had fun! I printed up some coloring pages and that's all they needed for their party. I thought about making cupcakes but they had lots of treats from their Valentines and, let's be honest, I'm not that type of mom anyway. If I did that there would be expectations! Let's not go there. :)
Then, we went out to take goodie bags to our Sunbeam class. I want to do whatever I can to get on their good side. :)
We did the ever-so-fun job of making Valentine's boxes. Brinley made one but liked her big heart she made at school better than the one she made at home. I did too. :) Cambree, on-the-other-hand, wanted to make a guitar box we saw on Pinterest. I definitely does NOT look like the one on there but she made it all herself and I think it looks fabulous!

We also did our Valentine Envelope tradition about writing nice things to each other and hanging the envelope on our doors for a few weeks. Shawn forgot about it and emailed me messages from work to print off and put in their envelopes the day of Valentines. He's kind of a procrastinator. He wrote the sweetest things. He is a great dad.
Cambree wrote some pretty cute notes.  Dear Sadie, You are cute. I don't always want to play with you but I still love you. I think that you are sad when I go to school. Love, Cambree    Dear Easton, You are so cute. I love to hold you. You are so special. I love you. You are so lucky to be the smallest. Love, Cambree 

Our Valentines just kept on coming! We got 4 babysitters that week! Tuesday we went to the Temple so that didn't count. :) On Thursday (Valentines Day), Shawn came home from work with chocolate strawberries. Yum! Then, we got tickets to a free movie "Skyfall". Friday, we got tickets to the Love Concert at Thanksgiving Point. It was a variety show and the first time they've done it so it was poorly attended, but the talent was great! Odessey Dance Company was there and they were amazing as always! There was also singing, an impromptu group that was good, and a comedian that we saw at WiseGuys. He was super funny too. We got Orange Leaf after so it was definitely a good night. :) Saturday, some ladies in the ward put on a party. There were yummy appetizers and desserts and a game then we danced the night away! We learned the triple swing and then just busted-a-move. Shawn actually pulled out his moves and everyone was blown away that he could dance so good. It was really fun! I felt young(er) for a night. :)
It was such a fun week. I think we did so much because Shawn was leaving me for a business trip a few days later. He hates leaving (and so do I!) so it was fun to live it up before he left. He really wasn't gone very long (1 night and 2 days)...his shortest yet but it still sucks.


Angie said...

What a great week. I shared Shawn's tip about showing you with love and attention before leaving. I hope he picks up on it!

Tiffany said...

That party sounds fun with all of the dancing! I wanted to go dancing with David before we had kids, and this shows me that we can still do fun things even with our family started!