Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Forever Neverland Project

I started doing a project with a bunch of other talented photographers. It's called Our Forever Neverland. You can check out the blog here. We photographers think we take lots of great pictures of other people's kids but not enough of our own kids. I couldn't agree more! So this has helped me capture those moments that I might have otherwise caught with my phone. Not to say that I don't pull out my phone to catch a moment, cuz I surely do! But this helps me capture the moments with intention and to try harder to get just the right angle, composition, etc. It's been fun!
You can only pick one image to display on the blog and it's hard to decide! So I will show more than one here on my blog.. cuz I can!

Week One. I {heart} naptime. So it's sometimes a disappointment when he wakes up sooner than he should...but most of the time he does what he is supposed to. :) He was a little mad at me here cuz I didn't take him right out of his crib...but I had to get my shots! :)
I couldn't decide between the color one or black and I let the administrator of the blog pick. She picked the color one.
Week Two. It was such a nice week! We played outside most of the time. Cambree made the cutest chalk person. She said it was her...she even started talking to it. Should I be worried? ;)
Week Three. I had a crazy week but snapped this photo at my cousin's wedding. I was the photographer but Shawn brought the kids for a minute. I love the angle and that he's yelling at the mirror. He is always yelling!

Week Four. Bath time is definitely a ritual at our house. I'm lucky enough to have a husband that does it most nights. But this night, I had to do it. Easton doesn't like the tub much so he abandoned Sadie long before she was ready to get out. She is so crazy with her faces she pulls.
 I'm so lucky to be a part of this group! Such talent! Really! Check it out here!