Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to Host a Murder

Ok, so I NEVER throw parties. Not that I don't like to but I just don't have a reason to...mostly I'm just worried no one will come. My mom found a How To Host a Murder party box at DI. I borrowed it and wanted to do it. I knew people would HAVE to show up if they played a character!  The theme was the 1920's in Chicago. Shawn was a cocky baseball player and I was an owner of a lounge named "Silky". I was supposed to wear a long, silky dress but didn't have one. I went shopping and found a short, cheap (thanks to Ross!), red, kind-of silky dress that I will wear again. So I was happy! Shawn bought LOTS of Martinellis and we decorated the house like a speak-easy...which is a back room of a bar where you can drink prohibited liquor. :) I bought black, plastic table cloths and taped them all over the room so it was black. We put lamps and candles around for the lighting. I also printed up some pictures I found online of speak-easy places. I wish I would've taken a picture of the place! It looked fabulous! The game included a dinner menu but I wanted this to be simple and just asked everyone to bring an appetizer and I would supply the chocolate fountain. So the food certainly didn't match the era but I certainly can't resist an opportunity to pull out my chocolate fountain!
We got our food and started playing the game. It was pretty intense and no one really had it figured out until the very end. Well played. Some of us got into character better than others (I'm certainly no actress!) but it still worked out and was really fun!
 Phone pic right before the party. :)

 The Baldwins got 2 pictures taken cuz I was checking my lighting. :) Loved his suit jacket! Devin was a lawyer and Julie was a reporter. They definitely dressed the part. The mustache was such a nice touch!
 Heather was a pregnant singer :) and Chris looked great in all his argyle to pull of his golfer character.
I actually did have someone cancel on me so it was great that the Wagoners were able to come last-minute. See what I mean? It was stressing me out that people won't come! But the Wagoners looked great with their costumes they came up with on such late notice. Rachel was a flapper and Rob was a millionaire. Loved the fake toilet paper roll cigar.
And here we are! It was so fun to do something totally different and out-of-my-element for a night out/in. I'm definitely not smart enough to play the game (I guessed wrong) so good thing others got it right. Loved it! Who's up for the next one?

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Krystal Baker said...

Oh! I love it! How fun!