Sunday, March 17, 2013

February Mish-Mash

With my iPhone I just might be good at taking more pics of our everyday life! We shall see...
It also makes blogging much more efficient! Long blog posts and lots of pics.
This is Brinley's face during the Superbowl. She teamed up with her dad and cheered for the 49er's. I wanted the Ravens to win. My roommate from college's brother plays on the team (Dennis Pitta)...and former BYU player. It was such a close game (well, the 2nd half) and super fun to watch. Ravens won!!!

I actually think Sadie is on to something here. I love the colors she used and made a pretty cool picture on my iPhone app. :) Shawn thinks it looks like an 80's picture.
If you're on the floor, you will get climbed on! And, of course, we have to give him the iTouch to help us get through Family Home Evening.
Her hair was so static-pron and dry this year. It's always flying all over.

 This girl was tired! She came by me while I was reading and fell asleep. Loved it!

This girl (Victoria) swipped my phone during baby co-op! If you don't know what co-op is, it's pretty much amazing. Drop off your kids at other people's houses and then you take a morning to watch other people's kids. One Popsicle stick per kid per hour. You never have to feel bad about asking someone to watch your kids! And my kids love playing with their friends.
 Victoria took this one too. They all seem to always end up playing dress-up sometime during co-op.
 I don't know who took this (probably Sadie) but I love how they watch TV together like this. Brinley likes to snuggle.
 Easton into mischief already! And he's still in his pj's!
Getting his 6th hair cut. I SOOOO did NOT want his hair cut but I think it was time. I only let her take off an inch. I think it already needs to be cut again. You could barely tell.
 I was trying to get an after pic but it didn't work out too well.
Even in his high chair I couldn't get a pic. It focused on his food. Yum!
There. See? Not too much cut off. Shawn wasn't too happy about it. He wanted it short. :/
Sadie wanted her picture taken. I was happy to oblige.

 Don't you take away my pink, sparkily headband! I will scream at you! He likes wearing headbands. :)
I was checking my lighting settings for a shoot for my sister...found here, and Cambree was happy to let me check on her.

I bought some studio lights! I set up one and was just playing around with it. Brinley was happy to be my model...silly thing. :)
 Then, Easton joined the fun. This was before his hair cut!
Then, Sadie got in on it. Oh, this was Saturday morning. Our Saturday mornings are usually slow-going...although I had already been to the gym. :) So hair wasn't done and some were still in pj's. Love Saturday mornings!

And, of course, Cambree couldn't be left out!

February was pretty darn fun. Can't wait until this warm weather shows up. Notice it was snowing the day I took these pictures. It snowed A LOT! Ugh.

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Looks like a wonderful real-life to me! :)