Sunday, February 24, 2013

Peter Pan Dance Concert

The winter dance concert this year was "Peter Pan". I know! So cute! TDC always puts on a great show! We put Sadie in dance this year. I know! SOOO CUTE!! Dance concert is a 3 day ordeal. Rehearsal is one day, with pictures and practice and then the girls have 2 performances the next two nights. Sadie loved getting ready with hair and makeup every time. Cambree liked showing Sadie around and telling her what she needed to do. Cambree has been sweet to her these passed few months about dance. She was willing to only be in one dance class (now that she has moved up a level, girls her age go to 2 dance classes) so Sadie could be in dance too. We can only afford so much dance. :)
Now, on to the many, many pictures! This isn't even 1/2 of them. Ugh.
This was dress rehearsal day. We spent a lot of time waiting in the hall. :) In this costume she is a star fish. LOVED this costume!
Sadie is actually the youngest and smallest in her class. She barely made the cut-off with her birthday being at the end of August. Her teacher hardly understands her. A girl in her class wondered if she spoke Spanish. Haha! But Sadie LOVES dance and asks when she can go to dance all. the. time!
 Here they are getting ready to go onstage and practice.
 More backstage with Sadie in her other costume. She was a baby doll.
This was the only pic I got of her as an Indian. I spent most of my time running around with Sadie so Cambree was by herself most of the time. I didn't even know where she was. Her dance number was way at the end of the program so I found out that she was sitting off-stage the entire time. Even the night of the performance she did it. When the curtain opened to start, one of her feathers was on the floor. She said they all dance around before the curtain opens. Nice. I hope she didn't cause too much trouble.

 Ok, so Peter Pan was A-MAZING! He was from Odessy Dance Company.

Sadie pretty much had no clue what was going on. The opening number was the nursery with the Teddy Bears and Baby Dolls at the back. Then, they come to life and the Teddy Bears perform first. Sadie started running out with the Teddy Bears. Luckily, she heard her teacher call to her for her to come back and wait for her class.

Cambree takes her dance very seriously. She knows her stuff and loves it. She liked dancing with Tigerlily.

They even did an awesome fight scene with Peter Pan and Captain Hook and the Lost Boys and the Pirates.

 The finale!
I LOVE how Sadie is watching the big dancers. 

 Aunt Jody and Marlie came the first night. They loved it!
Aunt Lynnette and Grandma Davis came the second night. The girls love to have people come watch them!
They love their flowers!

They wanted a picture with the Crocodile. Sadie was actually kind of scared.
Can't wait until Spring Concert!


Julie Baldwin said...

Your girls are so beautiful. That Sadie is gorgeous!!!!! Cambree earns the sister of the year award for sacrificing so Sadie could dance too. That is so awesome!!!!

Jennifer S said...

Sadie in that star fish costume is about the most precious thing I've ever seen, what a doll!! Cambree looks so grown up and you can tell from the pictures how much she loves dancing. I think that's so sweet, I loved dancing so much when I was young too! What an awesome dance studio you have them at. Maddy's ballet class is mostly just to get kids to move around, not very serious at all. :)

Krystal Baker said...

Great photos!