Sunday, February 10, 2013

January (probably some December too) Mish-Mash

I haven't been very good at posting on my blog lately. I guess I'm just good at posting the big this is just a bunch of lame-o cell phone pics that I just can't trash. :)And I know some of you follow me on Instagram...sorry for the repeats. :) These are in no particular order.
I'm trying to cook and try more veggies. So I cooked spinach. My mom liked it but I didn't as a kid. I still don't but we made our kids try a little. NONE of us (not even Shawn) are fans of it. Guess I will only be having it in my dip and in salads. Yum!
 I've been trying to get into more pictures with my kids...too bad they don't cooperate.
 Still not cooperating! But those Mickey Mouse ears were sure cute on him!
Brinley just wants to grow up too fast! She loves to do whatever we are doing. So, we taught her how to play Settlers of Catan. She caught on and loves it! Now we have a few strategy games that we love that she can play too. It lessens the tension between Shawn and I. Did I just admit I'm competitive? Only with board games and only with Shawn.
 We finally have toys for boys! They were having a great time with Easton's car ramp.
 Sadie took some pictures of me and her little foot in there. And I have documentation of a shirt I got for Christmas that I wore only once. It said to hand wash. I never do that but just don't dry it. This shirt definitely is misshapen now and needed to be hand washed. It was inevitable.

 Brinley made this gigantic snow flake. It was beautiful!
Ok, these pics were probably back around Thanksgiving at my parent's house. Cute Sadie and Annie. Now Annie moved to Arizona. So sad. :(

 I hang with Sadie a lot and was practicing with my flash. Too much flash! But she was a willing subject and a cute one!

 I remember doing this as a kid. Love that she figured it out herself too. Great minds think alike!
More practicing with my camera for a YW's activity. My camera can project onto a TV!! The kids thought it was neat!
 Whoops! Runny nose and messy face. Just keepin' it real, folks!

Sadie insisted on wearing her coat while playing the of her favorite past times. I don't blame her. It was freezing back in December!
I stole this picture from my friend's blog. They made a table fort during co-op time. She is like the coolest mom. And if I haven't told you about baby co-op I should cuz it is THE BEST thing in our lives! It definitely keeps me sane. :)

This is definitely a December pic. Brinley wrote a letter to me in school. It's times like this that I don't feel like a complete failure as a mom. She gave me a cute stick snowman.
Sorry if this is gross. I had it on Instagram and thought it was gross so I took it off. But no one sees my blog so I can put it on here. :) I thought my toe was broken. I stubbed it pretty hard on the piano stool. Ugh. Earlier that month, Shawn ran his shoe over my big toe bending the toenail back. I thought my toenail was going to fall off. It turned a little purple but didn't fall off. Phew! I've had too many of those.
This was back in December. Brinley had a piano recital. They all played Hymns. It was really nice. Brinley played "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" and "I Need Thee Every Hour". She was nervous but did a good job.
I took the girls to Trafalga to meet my brother (& Justus) and sister (& husband) to hang out. Turns out, my brother told us he was moving in like 2 weeks to AZ!! He says its temporary...we shall see. So it was kinda sad but we managed to have fun. We tried out the night mini golf course.

Time to clean up the Christmas decorations! Sadie had to try on my stocking one last time.

 Whew! Cambree made an appearance again! I just love her cute freckles on her nose.
My girls love writing notes. This is one from Cambree to Sadie. It's a little hard to read from the stamping on the other side. It says, " Dear Sadie, You are so cute. I love you. You are so nice. I love playing with you. I think you are sad when I go to school. I will see you next year in Primary. Love, Cambree Nicole Hancock

Of course, we've got Sadie pulling faces. The End.


Jennifer S said...

I love that Maddy can play games with us too! We all have fun! I love all of the cute casual pictures too. I repost instagram pictures too, but this way we get more of the story behind the pictures! And I love the pictures of you and Easton reading on the floor. That's the cutest. :)

Tiffany said...

ONLY competitive with Shawn?? jk Love the random pics!

Angie said...

I echo Tiffany. You're ALWAYS competitive. You just don't sleep with anyone else. ;) I love the Mish Mash because it's just life.