Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

My friend was doing mini sessions for Valentine's pictures. I was going to do them myself of just my kids but decided to take her up on her offer. Then, I wouldn't have to make a mess of my house and buy props and things. I did bring a few props I already had and one was a big lollipop Sadie got from a cousin at Christmas time. It looked Valentiney so I wanted to use it. While we were doing the shoot, Sadie came along for fun and was licking holding the lollipop. She dropped it and it broke. My friend told me to just tape it up and she would fix it in Photoshop. She did a great job fixing it! You can't even tell it broke. Ugh. Sadie should've stayed home...but I DO love how they turned out!
So cute! I printed this and put it in a Valentine's frame. It will now be a Valentine's decoration!
Then, I thought since the girls are going to have cute Valentine's cards, I couldn't leave Easton and Sadie out! I will just mail the Grandma's some cards and Sadie's playgroup friends. So these are a few from their SHORT session.
....AAANNNNDDD the final product! I let Brinley and Cambree pick 2 cards each and they happened to both pick the same one for one of them.
I LOVE how they turned out!! Hopefully I will have the drive/energy/creativity to do it again next year!!

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Krystal Baker said...

Those are sooooo unbelievably adorable!!!