Wednesday, February 6, 2013


We had one last hurrah before Mandy, Nate, and Logan went back to see Nate's family. The girls always ask to go to Cabella's (even though we haven't even been to Scheels yet!) so we went there and met my mom too so she could take them back to her house...they were car-less. Brinley got asked by a friend to go to Jump On It so she ditched us...even though she is the one bugging me about going! Oh well. It was FREEEEZING just walking from our car to Cabella's but it sure was nice to just roam around the huge store. Sadie loved seeing all the fish and stuffed animals. Cambree was interested in what they all were. Mandy and Cambree did the shooting gallery. I don't think they even shot anything. :(
After than, they were gone for good! We miss them!!

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Krystal Baker said...

Cabella's is remarkably fun - I haven't been to the new Scheels yet either....